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How to get the most out of a day at Australia Zoo

The Sunshine Coast’s premier zoo attraction is world-renowned and let’s face it, the locals are pretty chuffed to be living in Steve Irwin (AKA Crocodile Hunter) territory.

The legendary wildlife warrior himself built Australia Zoo right here in Beerwah from scratch and now Terri, Bindi and Bob are doing a fantastic job feeding crocs and running the show.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s how to explore the zoo like an Irwin yourself.

AM: Crocs, cassowaries and koalas, oh my!

Robert Irwin_Sign_Australia Zoo
TIP: If you were so excited that you arrived before opening time, get a photo with the Steve Irwin sign out front.


As you enter the Zoo, mosey on down the path to tick off the crocodilians and alligator ponds first. If you stray off the main loop you’ll come across some Aussie animal favourites:

  • Tasmanian devils doing hot laps
  • Dingoes sleeping in the morning sun
  • The dinosaur-like cassowary
  • Cute koalas

Wander back to see the lizards and Komodo dragon on the way to see the otter show.

10:30am: The who’s roo of the zoo

TIP: While you’re waiting for the otter show to start, make use of the free WiFi in this area to Facebook, Tweet or Instagram! Share your photos with @AustraliaZoo, @Queensland, @VisitSunshineCoast or use these hashtags: #AustraliaZoo, #ThisIsQueensland and #VisitSunshineCoast.

Make friends with the shuttle service. It will give you a chance to rest your feet a bit throughout the day! Go to Shuttle Stop 1, just by the entry and jump off at Shuttle Stop 3 – The Wetlands.

  • Explore the wetlands – if you’re lucky you might see the noisy brolga dance!
  • Head towards the Crocoseum via Roo Heaven. Before leaving the Wetlands, buy some Roo Food from the retail outlets near the Grey Roo and Red Roo haven for $2.
  • It’s time to feed the kangaroos!

TIP: If you run out of roo food make sure you grab some more at the vending machine inside the undercover area, you’ll need it later on.

Robert Irwin_AustraliaZoo
If you make it to the Crocoseum before show time, here are a few ways to fill in the time:

  • Have an early lunch at the Feeding Frenzy Food Court and beat the crowds.
  • Explore the Crocodile Hunter Museum on the lower levels. Have tissues handy when you reach the memorial for Steve Irwin. We miss you mate!
  • Give a goat, pig or sheep a pat in the Kids Zoo!


Terri Irwin_feeding crocodile_Crocoseum_Australia Zoo
The Wildlife Warriors put on one hell of a show and the animals are all in on it. From swooping birds to gnarly croc action, it’s definitely a highlight of the day.

You’ll learn about giant snakes and about the conservation work that Australia Zoo is passionate about.

Tip: Sit towards the top of the stands in the shady area so that when the birds are flying around showing off their colours, you’ll be able to follow them without the sun glare getting into your eyes.


Bindi Irwin_Africa_Meerkats_AustraliaZoo
After the Crocoseum show, jump on the Shuttle (Stop 2) to Africa (Stop 5).

TIP: Free WiFi is available around the Shuttle Stop too – social media break!

TIP: On the shuttle, as you come into the Africa area, keep your eyes peeled on the tree groves on the left-hand side of the road. You may see a cheetah going for a walk or relaxing in the tree line.

The Africa section of the zoo is growing all the time! The animals you are guaranteed to see on the open plain are:

  • Gorgeous giraffes
  • Zesty zebras
  • Rhinestone rhinos


Robert Irwin_Koala_AustraliaZoo
After leaving the Africa exhibition, see the Red Pandas hiding in the trunks or running around the higher branches.

That leaves the final section of the park, leading you back to the zoo entry and exit. But there is still heaps to explore!

  • Koala walk-through where you can give a koala a pat. Make sure you look up in the trees of this area as you might find one sleeping up there.
  • Take your time through the Rainforest Aviary. You’ll find noisy birds front and centre, but if you look closer you might find some birds are very camouflaged in the surroundings.
  • Wander past the wombat dens (there is an animal encounter available where you can take a wombat for a walk), birds of prey and the Australian Snakes exhibit.

This path will lead you to the exit via the gift store where you can pick yourself up a memento of your visit.

Extra Karma Points: Visit the Wildlife Hospital

Bindi Irwin_Wildlife Hospital_Australia Zoo
If you have the time and a $2 coin in your pocket, a sneak peek into the Wildlife Hospital is worth a visit. You could see anything from giant turtles to koalas needing a little bit of tender loving care from the Wildlife Team.

Your donation helps to continue saving and rehabilitating Aussie wildlife.

Have you been to Australia Zoo? Share your tips with us below!