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Hit up these 11 dog-friendly beaches on the Sunshine Coast with your pup

Been doing hard time in the yard? Walls closing in? It’s time to organise your prison break to stretch your four legs before you go barking mad. 

Rather than counting the days left on your sentence, count the beach access numbers to find the best dog friendly beaches on the Sunshine Coast, where you can run free, chase balls and bring a king’s ransom worth of sand back to the car.

Shelly Beach

Swap hard labour breaking rocks and burying bones for jumping over rock pools on Shelly Beach. You’ll find the dog-friendly beach section between Russell Street to Victoria Terrace (beach access 276 to 281). It’s usually off leash from 4pm to 8am, however, rules vary throughout the year.

Moffat Beach

Moffat Beach is loved by all hipsters from cavoodles to French bulldogs to dachshunds. Swap the prison-issued collar for a neckerchief between 4pm to 8am to stroll the beach between Lower Neil Street at Dicky Beach (beach access 269) south to Russell Street where it connects with the Shelly Beach section.


If you’re planning the great escape and have been tunnelling for days, once you break the fenceline make tracks to Currimundi Beach where a doggie’s paradise awaits – it’s off leash at all times between Ann St (beach access 262) and Gothic Parade (beach access 255).

Wurtulla Beach

With two options along Wurtulla Beach, there’s no risk of mixing gangs once you’re on the outside. Southsiders should hang between Moondara Drive down to Currimundi Lake (beach access 249 to 253).

Those who roll on the north side can let their guard down between Maloga Street to Wurley Drive (beach access 226 to 247). Both these options are off-leash at all times so you don’t need to keep an eye peeled for the screws.


Enjoy day release and go off leash at any time around the eastern side of Point Cartwright headland and access the beach between 198 to 201.

For those on the short leash of parole, the grassed foreshore area around Point Cartwright is another option, however, to avoid a riot obey the rules and times.

Maroochydore River

When you’ve been pacing the tiny exercise yard any space is glorious, so while not technically a beach, the Maroochy River park offers the opportunity to remember what life is like on the outside. Go off leash, round the clock, from the intersection of Bradman Ave and Fisherman Rd for 500m down to the river mouth.

Twin Waters

Get busy living or get busy dying. If you choose life, experience it all on the outside here on North Shore Beach. It’s off leash at all times from the Maroochy River mouth to about 500 metres south of beach access 132. Give a wide berth to the flagged swimming area at Twin Waters because this will send you back into lockdown.

Coolum Beach

Break away from (chasing the) laundry duty and join the day-release work gang down at Coolum Beach. Starting just north of the caravan park, it’s an off-leash zone for one glorious kilometre of beach after you pass Stumers Creek. The ball and chain is still compulsory until you hit the sand.

Marcus Beach

If you’ve been dreaming about the blue waters of the Pacific stretching out to the horizon like Andy Dufresne catch the getaway car down to Marcus Beach. From beach access 47 all the way north to beach access 38 at Sunrise Beach this is that off-leash hope that’ll get you through the long days and longer nights.  

Sunshine Beach

Just stop a moment to feel the sunshine and listen to the birds. From beach access 27 on Sunshine Beach north to the headland, you find a moment of escape. The bonus is it’s off leash at all times.  


Tails and tongues will be wagging if you’re integrating back into (high) society on the foreshore of the Noosa River where all your behaviour will be on display at the foreshore off-leash area. Head to Claude Batten Drive to access the crown jewel of dog areas around Noosa.

Paws pounding the pavement in Brisbane? Escape to these nearby beaches or pack the tent and camp for the weekend.

Where is your doggie paradise on the Sunshine Coast? Tell us in the comments below.