GJ Walter Park

7 of the best dog beach adventures near Brisbane

If the thought of leaving man’s best friend behind while you hit the beach has you puppy-dog eyed, we have some good news for you.

Your beach bag is about to get a lot heavier because your summer plans just grew four legs and a fur coat with this list of Brisbane dog beach fun.

1. For an off-leash dip: Bribie Island

Don’t let the name deceive you, you won’t need a boat or sea legs to reach this sand island just north of Brisbane.

There’s 70km of tarmac between Brisbane and Bribie Island, and good news for adventure-lovers – it’s four-wheel-drive and four-legged-friend friendly.

Doggos are welcome on the southern coastline of Bribie Island, so drop your map pin at Woorim and Red Beaches for your next hound-human date.

If you happen to have a furry friend with more energy than a Duracell battery, the 4km walk from Woorim Beach through to Bongaree will ensure Fido sleeps soundly rather than runs rampant in the backseat on the drive home.

Psst! Be sure to brush up on sand driving tips before you go.

2. For the non-swimmers: Clontarf Beach, Redcliffe

Calling all dogs who’d prefer not to get their fur wet – Brisbane’s bayside has revolutionised long walks on the beach with 6.5km of flat pavement that hugs the coastline.

Replacing uneven sand with smooth walking conditions, a stroll along Clontarf Beach guarantees the rest of your weekend isn’t spent vacuuming the beach out of your car’s upholstery (or giving pooch a bath).

On Sundays, this beach trip is more than just a place to get your dose of vitaminSEA while clocking up 10,000 steps. You can reward yourself with breakfast at the Redcliffe Jetty Markets, which also happen to be 100% fur-baby friendly.

Want to discover more of Brisbane’s Bayside? Clear the weekend, we’ve got you covered with this 48-hour guide.

3. For dogs who like sun, surf and sand: Main Beach, Stradbroke Island

When your best friend has four legs, taking a tropical island holiday isn’t as welcoming as you might have hoped. That is, unless you happen to know about Brisbane’s best kept pet-friendly secret, Stradbroke Island.

While its neighbours Fraser and Moreton Island have strict no dog policies, Straddie rolls out the welcome mat for anything with four paws with a bevvy of pet-friendly accommodation and beaches to mark your holiday territory.

For pooch, it’s got all the hallmarks of a good time – surf, sun and sand, and so long as your dog is happy on the end of a leash Main Beach, Flinders Beach (except for Amity Point), Deadman’s Beach and Frenchman’s Beach are yours for pawsome adventure.

When you’re not enjoying long walks on the beach (on leash), you’ll have plenty of time to discover the rest of the island with this guide. 

4. For muddy paws: GJ Walter Park, Cleveland

GJ Walter Park | Brisbane dog beach

Photo by @ourdogkiba

Okay, it’s technically not a beach, it’s a mudflat, but we won’t let a geography lesson stand in the way of GJ Walter Park in Cleveland making this list.

On a hot summer day, this beach looks more like a dog show (picture the movie Best in Show), with every breed imaginable showing their humans just how to dog-paddle.

Town planning triumphed at this Cleveland favourite, with a dog park right next door to the beach for pooch to go all Taylor Swift on their wet fur and ‘shake it off’.

Be prepared, four mud socks are the usual souvenir taken home from a day at GJ Walter Park, so a hydrobath is probably going to be high on your apres-beach agenda.

5. For #fitdogs: Colmslie Recreation Reserve

You could easily confuse the Colmslie Recreation Reserve for canine CrossFit with its agility drills that test little legs.

Located in Morningside, this pooch-playground contains state-of-the-art agility equipment for dogs to flex their muscles before cooling off in the shallow waters of the Brisbane River.

There’s no such physical exertion required by owners on paw-patrol – humans can simply take a seat at the BBQ and picnic facilities nearby.

Breezes straight off the Brisbane River make for the perfect hound blow dry so you don’t have to bring a million towels to dry them off after their swim, either.

6. For dogs who like to fetch: Nudgee Beach Reserve

If your furry friend is a fetcher, get down to Nudgee Beach Reserve to play ball with the best.

You won’t find the gold and grainy sand of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, but a mud-flat which makes your game of chasey more like Tough-Mudder, stains and all.

Best enjoyed at low-tide you can let your pooch off the lead and let Mother Nature be in charge of doggy daycare.

Don’t rule this off your to-visit list based on the car cleaning costs, there are taps to clean muddy paws at the end of the day.

Owners can make the most of the 30-minute drive from Brisbane City to Nudgee Beach Reserve with a BBQ at one of the picnic areas nearby.

7. For dogs who like to run amok: Raby Bay Foreshore Park

Raby Bay Beach | Brisbane dog beach

Photo by @danicartier

For a beach so big it could keep Beethoven (the dog, not the composer) entertained, point your bonnet to Raby Bay Foreshore Park.

This hound-haunt is right on the water and suits good swimmers. The only thing standing between your dog and a dip could be the migratory shorebirds, who during nesting season, will shut down this dog-friendly beach.

More than just a park that ticks the boxes for your mutt, owners can set up undercover at a picnic table to watch them run into the water, again, again and again.

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What’s your go-to dog beach near Brisbane?