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48 hours in Queensland’s Big Apple (aka Stanthorpe)

Move over New York, there’s another Big Apple in town, and you’ll find it so close to the Queensland-New South Wales border, you could wear both maroon and blue during State of Origin.

Just like its American sister, Stanthorpe is also known for attracting loved-up couples, although you won’t find them riding around Central Park in horse-drawn carriages.

Out here, it’s about scoffing good food, swilling fine wine and snuggling up next to roaring fireplaces.

The similarities don’t stop there either – the nightlife wildlife of the Granite Belt never sleeps with Girraween National Park on its doorstep.

If you’re looking for a weekend away from Brisbane, grab your winter woollies and escape to a place where dreams are made of, Stanthorpe.


AM: Pack your winter woollies and hit the road

Timing is everything for this Stanthorpe getaway – and we’re not just talking about what time you leave (PS. hit the road early).

Stanthorpe is decidedly seasonal and during the summer months you can expect to see fruit and vegetables growing in the fields, vineyards stocked with grapes and a lively buzz around town.

In winter, Stanthorpe earns its title of ‘coldest town in Queensland’ with temperatures dancing around the zero degree mark.

11AM: Take a picture of the Big Apple

New York might be called the Big Apple, but Stanthorpe has its own big apple, which marks the fact you’re in apple-country now (aka the apple capital of Queensland).

Start your Stanthorpe adventure in the means you wish to carry on, with a light bite at Mcgregor Terrace Food Project.

This former general store and butcher shop has been transformed into a French bistro, which by day serves coffee and fresh, housemade cake with European flair. Bonjour, chocolate macaron with a white chocolate mousse centre and fresh cinnamon scrolls.

If you’d rather do takeaway rather than dine-in around the roaring open fire, try these Stanthorpe picnic recommendations on for size.

2PM: Do the truffle shuffle

Truffle Discovery Centre | 48 hours in Stanthorpe

Photo by @lawdogsa

You won’t need to put your nose to the ground to find Stanthorpe’s very own trufferie, Truffle Discovery Centre.

Stanthorpe is home to the rare French Black Perigord Truffle, fungi which is so precious some joke they need their own bodyguards to protect them.

For less than the price of a large latte, you can get yourself inside for a guided tour of the truffiere and gallery, enjoy food tastings and a spot of truffle hunting.

If that’s ignited your senses as much as the taste of truffles itself, book in for a truffle hunt to go in the search of the black nobbly stuff with Conan, a hound whose sense of smell could rival a beagle at border control.

With a gift store you’ll definitely want to visit on the way out, stock up on supplies of truffle oil and truffle honey that begs to be drizzled over cheese … oh, wait…

3PM: Did someone say cheese?

The rolling hills of Stanthorpe are full of jersey girls and Stanthorpe Cheese transforms their milk into a selection of artisan cheeses.

You don’t have to look far to see how they got their names with the Stanthorpe Pepper, Snowflake and Snowstorm in the cabinet.

There’s even a Stanthorpe Apple cheese, a smoked washed curd – which makes use of the fact Stanthorpe produces 10% of Australia’s apple production and contributing $58 million to the economy – by smoking the cheese in apple wood chips.

The cheese tastes better down here and not just because it’s made from the milk of a single herd of purebred Jersey cows, but because Stanthorpe Cheese is Queensland’s highest and coldest farm cheese shop, 925 metres above sea level.

Overnight: Alure Stanthorpe

Alure | 48hrs in Stanthrope

Experience the definition of glamping and check into Alure Stanthorpe for the night.

Cocoon yourself under the canvas in 56m2 of camping comfort, complete with full kitchen and double-vanity ensuite so you will never look at your regular campsite the same again.

You won’t have to worry about sleeping bags or inflatable mattresses for this night under the stars, there’s deluxe linen, four-poster bed and mood lighting that is so much more flattering than what you can create with a headlamp.

Don’t rule this accommodation out if you plan to visit in winter, your tent comes complete with fireplace (and if all else fails, reverse-cycle air conditioning), which will rock your perception of camping to its core.


9am: Trek through the national park

Get to know how this rocky region earned its title with a morning exploring Girraween National Park.

You’ll want to get up early for a headstart on its hilly terrain because this national park is 25 kilometres south of Stanthorpe.

If you haven’t read this guide to Girraween, expect dramatic landscapes and granite outcrops that protrude from the hillside like freestanding marbles, with river courses that tumble around them leaving beautifully carved, deep plunge pools.

The well-kept trails range from one to 20kms, winding (uphill) to landmarks such as The Pyramid, The Sphinx and Castle Rock.

The pièce de résistance within the park is undoubtedly Balancing Rock, a giant boulder precariously teetering like a sculpture handcrafted by mother nature herself.

Looking for more national parks in this ‘hood? Check out this Big Sky Country Drive.

12pm: Refuel, Ballandean Style

Ballandean’s Barrel Room puts its money where its organic, locally-sourced mouth is with a restaurant that’s so popular, you’ll have Buckley’s chance of getting into without a booking.

Taste the free-range, sustainable and organic difference with a menu that’s been carefully curated to ensure everything is sourced from within a three-hour radius of the restaurant.

On the a la carte menu you’ll find the likes of wild Ballandean venison leg, venison pithivier, cauliflower and fig and free-range Ballandean pork with capsicum ketchup, broccoli, pear, and pickled cabbage.

Can’t decide? The seven-course degustation has your name written all over it, and with an extra $30 you can up the ante with matching Ballandean Estate local wines.

2PM: Go from cellar door to cellar door

With over 50 vineyards and 38 cellar doors scattered around its hillsides, Stanthorpe is known for wine.

Choosing to visit them is easy, but deciding which ones and how to get there is nothing short of overwhelming. Take a load off, book a designated driver and let Filippos Tours do the decision making and driving.

Their twilight tour takes off at 2pm and covers tastings at up to five boutique wineries, followed by a local, seasonal three-course dinner at Varias Restaurant.

Trust us, you’ll be grateful for your dropoff back to your accommodation by the end of the tour.

Not into wine? No worries! The Granite Belt also has its own brewery. We knew you’d drink to that.

Overnight: Alure Stanthorpe

DAY 3:

AM: Stock up on supplies

Forget your regular grocery shop at a major chain and take home edible souvenirs, like boxes of apples, cherries, grapes, peaches and pears that prove that everything tastes better when it hasn’t travelled hundreds of kilometres to your supermarket shelves. 

For a gift that’s a bit more memorable than a bag of apples, a trip to The Bramble Patch will deliver with homemade condiments, sauces and vinegars. Lock up the sweet tooths in your family because beyond condiments, The Bramble Patch dishes up a dessert-only menu featuring berry ice-cream, sundaes, waffles, poffertjes and pies.

If you didn’t tackle the 20km walk yesterday, you’ll leave wishing you did.

Would you follow this weekend itinerary in the Big Apple? Let us know in the comments.