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5 random farm experiences you never knew you could have near Brisbane

Petting a camel, making black sheep’s cheese and holding tree pose beside a brood of chickens cluck-clucking nearby are just a few of the random farm experiences you never knew you could have near Brisbane.

Apart from being located within the Scenic Rim Region of South East Queensland, what most of the farms hosting these experiences have in common is they encourage you to enjoy a hands-on taste of agricultural life.

Here are some of the random farm experiences on offer in the Scenic Rim.

Yoga with chickens

Farm yoga | 5 random farm experiences you never knew you could have near Brisbane

Care to get your chaturanga (staff pose) on while surrounded by 800 chickens? What about doing the downward dog in a pasture where dogs, sheep and peacock are grubbing around in the grass? Farm Yoga is an idea that was hatched by Johanna Bell and her mum Leanne Presser, of Allamburra Organics, the family-run micro farm inviting visitors to bring a yoga mat and open mind along to monthly yoga classes held on a patch of land between the lychee and avocado trees.  

Johanna says yoga is “designed for you to go inward, so it’s lovely to be able to invite people to practice in a setting with the soundtrack of birds and chickens”.

“Yoga is aligned with our sustainable farming philosophy in that it gives people an understanding of the chickens so that when they eat their eggs, they know what the green grass, sunshine and love produces in an egg,” she says.

Ye olde winery and brewery tour

Drayhorse | Scenic Rim farm tour

Photo by Drayhorse Shires via FB

Drayhorse Shires Tours combine the romance of travelling around the Scenic Rim in a horsedrawn carriage with the joy of wine and beer tasting along the way.

Enjoy clip-clopping along the open road past parallel rows of trellised vines to arrive at the Bunjurgen Vineyard Estate cellar door, a lovely trip to Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm for lunch, followed by a few paddles of beer at Scenic Rim Brewery. After such inspired tastings, you get to sit back and enjoy a scenic ride back to the starting point.

Get up close to a camel

The Scenic Rim doesn’t exactly invoke the Sahara. But a sweltering desert is not what novice riders at Summer Land Camels in Harrisville sign up for. Here, just one hour’s drive from Brisbane’s CBD, you can join a short camel trek through the pretty countryside on camels named Evie, Eric, Henry and Queenie, while learning about the long-necked ungulate mammals’ diet and anatomy.  

Manager Jeff Flood says the pace the camels set around the 350 ha property is mellow enough so guides can explain how the farm transforms the camel milk into products for consumption and skincare.

After plodding through the countryside, try fresh camel milk, cheese, gelato and even vodka at the café, housed in a Federation-style homestead.

Learn how to make black sheep’s cheese

Calling all cheese nerds: Towri Sheep Cheesery in Allenview is at the epicentre of the artisanal cheese movement in the Scenic Rim. It’s also where you can learn the art of making black sheep cheese, a Cheshire-style cheese coated in a black ash and salt rub before maturing.

Cheesemaker Carolyn Davidson says you can also sample Blewe Cheese and Woolly White, observe a sheep milking demonstration, pat and feed baby lambs and meet resident characters such as Hercules, Little Man, Miss Brownie and Milo.

The cheesery also makes Eweghurt, feta and side cheeses such as Lavenewe and Truffled Ewe. The flock of 350 sheep on the property includes the Awassi (a Middle Eastern fat-tailed sheep from Israel), the East Friesian and Assaf.

Take an armchair grand tour of the 175 ha boutique sheep dairy here, but be careful it might cause you to drool.  

Learn how to eat like a local

A great way to get a feel for the local food and drink scene is to join the dots between, say, a market, farm café, bakehouse and winery.

Scenic Rim Eat Local Week allows you to experience the food and wine of the region, with the program of festivals, farmgate events and culinary happenings all food and farm experiences to remember.

The Eat Local Week program includes a roaming degustation at Spicers’ Hidden Vale, a nose-to-tail feast at Kooroomba, a Taste of Country Cooking at Christmas Creek Café and a Just Veg. Carrot Field Day. 

If you just can’t get enough of farm gate deliciousness, use this handy itinerary to eat your way around the Scenic Rim for 4 days. Or, why not make it a romantic weekend for just the two of you?

What’s the most random experience you’ve ever had on a farm? Share with us in the comments below.