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13 more Instagrammers you need to be following

Confession: We’ve been stalking…but our intentions are good. Please don’t let me be misunderstood.

Queensland is no slouch when it comes to natural, do-my-eyes-deceive-me beauty… and do we have the Instagrammers to back it up!

From adventure-seekers who redefine what it means to venture off the beaten track to #droneporn trailblazers and whimsical travellers who will set your wanderlust ablaze, here are 13 more of the best ‘grammers you need to be following on Instagram. Right now.


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Yesterday in the Great Barrier Reef!!! After spotting this deep blue hole on google maps we decided to head far offshore, out further than our normal Reef trips to see what dwelled within. What we found inside was hard to believe considering 5 months ago a Cat 4 cyclone went straight over the top of it. At around 15m – 20m deep there was huge Birdsnest Corals (Seriatopora) and super elongated Staghorn Corals (Acropora) both of which were among the biggest and most delicate colonies I've ever seen. Totally unaffected by the cyclone. The position of this deep hole within the lagoon walls has obviously protected these corals for decades. We may very well be some of the first to dive this deep hole as it was hidden within one of the Great Barrier Reef's biggest lagoons…

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Just a few scrolls in and you’ll know that Johnny (@johnny_gaskell) has a love for the ocean that truly runs deep.

Triple-threat Instagrammer Johnny Gaskell is a marine biologist, underwater photographer and Whitsundays local who is no stranger to capturing the hidden pinch-me wonders of the Whitsundays, getting up close with the local marine life and showcasing the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, in all its glory.

Plus, ICYMI, Johnny also uncovered Queensland’s very own ‘Blue Hole’ teeming with marine life and healthy, vibrant corals.


Warning: It’s (far too) easy to fall into a wanderlust-filled rabbit hole of endless adventures when following @escape_your_life.

Nick and Louise, a French couple, have left everything to explore the world, and after landing in the Land Down Under just over a year ago, they have fallen head-over-heels for Australia. And for that, we give thanks.


Phil Warring (@phlipvids) is the name, and chasing adventure in Queensland’s Tropical North is his game. Not to mention videography, underwater photography, #droneporn, VR & 360 content you’re guaranteed to lose yourself in.

We’re talking everything from cruising the rapids and canyoning in Behana Gorge, to touching down on a pristine sand cay in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.


Pastel hues, rolling waves and pristine stretches of beach set the tone for Akiko’s (@keykodesign) photography. Spoiler alert: we’re smitten.

Head to Akiko’s feed for a daily view of the laidback, sun-drenched lifestyle that is quintessential Gold Coast.


Say g’day to something we bet you didn’t know was on your bucket list. Kitesurfing the Great Barrier Reef! Ben Wilson (@bennywilson) – founder of BWSurf – and Stu Gibson (@stugibson) – self-proclaimed camera clicker – will have you taking up kitesurfing, stat. And trust us, adventures don’t come more epic than this.

After spending the last couple of years coordinating an epic Great Barrier Reef kite trip – and hearing only whispers of remote waves that break on the Great Barrier Reef – Ben Wilson, Stu Gibson set out on the road trip to rival all road trips.

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I live on Australia's Sunshine Coast and just north is the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve been fishing these reefs for years and every now and then I see some waves and wind with potential, plus I heard a few stories that got me excited so I planned a trip to check it out. I always try to keep my expectations realistic but this place is amazing and I knew with the right wind and waves it could be a new frontier right in my backyard. Finally, after months of waiting everything came together and we spent a few days up there. The kitesurfing was epic but the journey there and back was what made the trip for me. This is a little teaser of some of the kitesurfing but if you want to check out the whole trip, click on my bio and watch the clip. @toyota_aus #scifleettoyota

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With illustrious Mother Nature as his muse and the world as his home, Jesse Lindemann (@photobohemian) serves up serious travel inspo on the daily, as he explores the globe with his partner, Bel (@meandmytravelbugs.)

From trekking 102km over five days across vast sand blows, eucalypt forest and perch lakes on the Cooloola Great Walk, to kicking back for some (well-deserved) R&R on a private island, only one thing is for sure… your bucket list will not be safe after following these Instagrammers.


Can you imagine waking up to 1,200 species of marine life, vibrant fringing reef and turtles for days… all less than 100m from your doorstep? This is just another day in the life of Instagrammer Jeremy Somerville (@jeremysomphoto), a groundsman who calls an eco-island on the southernmost tip of the Southern Great Barrier Reef home (aka Lady Elliot Island.)

It’s a tough gig, we hear. When he’s not tending to Lady Elliot Island, Jeremy turns his attention (and thankfully, his lens) to the beauty that lies beneath the surface of the fringing reef that surrounds the island.


Not all heroes wear capes. Some, like Jess O’Dea (@outback_snapshot), just happen to rescue and care for kangaroo joeys in Queensland’s most remote town.

For the last six months, Jess has been working as a remote nurse in Birdsville, capturing the bucolic charm and untamed wilderness of Outback Queensland, rescuing roos, and… trying not to pick favourites! That was until August 2017, when Flick (pictured) came into her life – can you blame her!

Flick was only a couple of days old and weighted 1.5kg when she was dropped off at my doorstep. She’s a red kangaroo with beautiful grey colours and was just so affectionate – she loved to give kisses and cuddles play in the garden and she was a very caring joey.

Jess raises the joeys until they’re about nine months old at which point they’re transferred to a different carer that readies them for being released back into the wild.

Flick recently moved on to a different carer in October, it was a sad day for Jess but she describes the moment as “hard but rewarding, it’s always nice to know they’re going back out to the wild.” Be still our beating hearts.


If you’ve ever dreamt of packing your things and setting sail to explore the 74 islands dotted throughout the Whitsundays, Ben Wright (@bennysvisuals) will have you booking your one-way ticket to paradise in no time.

We’re talking off-the-grid camping adventures, sleeping beneath the star-studded skies, and waking up on Australia’s best beach… and this is just ONE weekend in the life of Ben Wright. Where do we sign up?


When it comes to adventure-seeking and adrenaline-chasing, filmmaker and adventurer, Guillaume Cornet (@guillaumecornet_) doesn’t do it by halves… and he has the Instagram feed to prove it. Think, jaw-dropping #droneporn, 4WDing through ancient rainforest and endless beaches on the world’s largest sand island, backflipping into gorges and everything else in between.

If that’s not enough, Guillaume takes ‘droneography’ to new (dizzying) heights, jumping out of planes on the reg. If you find yourself in Toogoolawah, look up, as you’re likely to spot Guillaume flying through the air – GoPro in one hand, throwing shakas with the other.


If you aren’t already following Reuben Nutt (@reubennutt), be prepared to lose yourself in a mosaic of vibrant sunsets, endless road trips and balmy days spent exploring the lesser-known wonders of Queensland.

Reuben’s recent adventures have seen him venture on an epic road trip to the tip of Australia, trek the Cooloola Great Walk, uncover the lesser-known wonders of North Stradbroke Island and back-flip in front of many a palm tree. If Reuben’s not out exploring, we can guarantee you’ll find him counting the days (or minutes) to his next adventure.


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Epic start to my day today with @bushwalky_chalky

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If weekend adventures spent hiking above the clouds or climbing to the top of the giant granite monoliths to be rewarded with sweeping vistas and glowing sunrises spells bliss for you, you’d better be following Instagrammer Dan Parkes (@_danno_29.)

Lace up your hiking boots and get exploring, your next weekend is set to be oh-so-memorable (for all the right reasons.)


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