How to make the most out of a day at Sea World

Hello school holidays! With summer heating up, now’s the perfect time to head to Sea World on the Gold Coast.

Whether you’re a returning visitor or a newbie, here’s how to sea it and do it all in a day (sea what we did there?)

Tip #1: Stay onsite

Photo by Sea World Australia

Sea World is the only theme park on the Gold Coast with a hotel right next door. Look out for the incredible ‘stay and play’ deals that offset the cost of entry.

A sneaky peek at the hotel’s website shows that a night’s accommodation for two adults and two kids (plus access to the park and entry to Paradise Country), starts from $560 for the lot. With Sea World tickets alone costing $75 per person (adult), that’s a bargain in anyone’s language. Value aside, overnighting at Sea World Resort has its benefits; you can pop in and out all day and make the most of the rooms – and the pool/water park – during the heat of the day.

Tip #2: Buy your tickets online and save

Buy online, save money and time.

Got new additions to the crew? No worries, just purchase an entry ticket at the gate.

Tip #3: Get with the times 

Photo by Sea World Australia

With so much to do and just one day to fit it in, you need to get strategic with time.

Pro tip: Arrive at the entertainment shows, like the Jet Stunt Extreme, 20 minutes before they start to ensure you get prime seats in the stand (and have time to pick up refreshments).

Tip #4: Get out of the heat

Despite bunking down with the penguins for an awesome 20 minutes of air-conditioned antics, summer in a theme park demands water. Cue the Battle Boats where you can step into Jack Sparrow’s shoes and water cannon everyone in sight.

Tip #5: Have an animal encounter without paying for it

Photo by Sea World Australia

Sit down the front of the stands and act really excited. Why? During the Sea Lion show, there’s a chance you could be pulled out of the audience to meet and kiss a large rubbery seal. It certainly livens up the show and is a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Tip #6: Educate the kids and have fun

Parks like Sea World can influence the minds of the young. No matter what animal show you watch throughout your visit, the subtle message was one of conservation.

“Polar caps are shrinking; dolphin habitats need protecting; be mindful of what you throw into our waterways.” It is all delivered in a fun and caring way and those little minds will walk away, well, more mindful.

Bonus tip: Penguins!

Photo by Sea World Australia

Make time for Penguin Encounter, voted a clear favourite by kids and adults alike. You will spend 30 minutes with your noses glued to the glass watching the original version of Happy Feet in hyper-reality.

Looking for more theme park tips and tricks?

What are your top tips for making the most out of the day at Sea World with your family? Share in the comments below.


This post was originally published in 2015 and updated on the 19th of December 2017.