5 epic places to jump out of a plane

Ever been told to ‘go jump in a lake’ or (my fav), ‘off a cliff’? *eye roll* Where’s the fun in that?

What you wanna do is haul on a jumpsuit, slap on a pair of goggles and jump out of a plane. That’ll show ‘em not to mess with you.

Here’s 5 epic skydiving spots to take your pettiness *wink* to the next level.

Say What Up? To The Sunshine Coast

See Coolum, Noosa, Bribie and Moreton Island from the air as you scream your way to the ground. Classy.

Superman through the air in Tropical North Queensland


Photo by @wickedtravel

You’ll want to keep your eyes open for this one! After you get over the fact that you’re literally falling out of a plane, look around and see the beautiful Great Barrier Reef and it’s spectacular tropical islands.

Surrender to the gravitational pull of The Whitsundays


Photo by @hdxposure

Spend the first 60 seconds with your face looking like a botox horror story. It’s so worth it though because, for the next 7 minutes, you’ll float under canopy (*ahem* skydiving term) admiring the turquoise waters, silica white sands and complete gorgeousness of the Whitsundays.

Float over Fraser Island

Chase the sunshine as you free-fall over the largest sand island with World Heritage status. #nobiggie

Ace your entrance on the Gold Coast

Swap surf adrenalin for sky adrenalin and land on the Gold Coast in style.

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Who’s ready to go skydiving?