7 photos that will make you want to visit Moreton Island this weekend

To paraphrase the wise words of Ron Burgundy: ‘I don’t know how to tell you this, but it’s kind of a big deal!’

There are 15 deliberately sunken ships just 90 minutes from Brisbane and if you haven’t met them yet, here’s 7 ways to greet them for the first time.

1. A distant nod

You’ll probably leave a faceprint on the plane window, but it’ll be totally worth it! Looking down on these beauties from the sky will give you serious feels.

2. A bum-out cousin hug

Gaze at the wrecks from the comfort of a boat. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, this is the best way to get acquainted without getting too close. And by that, I mean getting in the water.

3. A digital G’day


Photo by @snapair

Give your drone a good work out and get some sweet visuals that capture details of the wrecks. With the right shot, you could almost discern what the wrecks looked like in their heydays.

4. A polite hand-shake

Glide across the surrounding calm waters and get 360 views of their rusting exteriors. At night you can do this in a pimped out glass-bottom kayak, complete with neon lights.

5. Did we just become best friends?

Jetski by @lisdingjan

Photo by @lisdingjan

If you move at a million miles per minute, you can meet all 15 wrecks in a matter of seconds with a jetski tour. Move from ‘hi’ to BFFs in a heart-beat.

6. Admire from afar

Too shy to say ‘hi’? Chill on the beach and adore the wrecks from a distance. Sunset lighting works best. Oh and, try not to drool.

7. Get all up in their grill

Literally. You can dive into their hulls and see how these wrecks have become an ecosystem and haven for coral, fish and other marine life.

If you want to get better acquainted with the Tangalooma Wrecks, here’s how you can spend 48 hours on Moreton Island.

Whatever you do, add Tangalooma Wrecks to your bucket list, stat.