5 reasons why you need a working holiday in Queensland

5 reasons why you need a working holiday in Queensland

Achieving that coveted work-life balance is much easier when you work on an island or outback paradise, a boat exploring the Great Barrier Reef, or a cafe in Cairns. Travelling the world can be exhilarating yet exhausting, so it makes sense to take time to stay in one place and recuperate while making a bit of extra cash.

With the best office views around and an adventure around every corner, here are five reasons why Queensland should be your next stop for a working holiday.

1. You can explore while earning money

Tully Gorge -National-Park

How good a deal is that! There’s nothing worse than running out of money while travelling and having to use your last pennies on the ticket home. Instead, working a few days on the side keeps your pockets full and still allows plenty of time to adventure and tick off all the experiences on your Queensland bucket list.

2. It’s the perfect place to refill your wallet


Imagine the thrill of getting your first pay check in Australian dollars, then realising how cheap wine is! Exploring the region while working with breathtaking backdrops of the Queensland landscape makes the work not seem like work at all.

The extra moolah you’ll be making will give you the opportunity to see and do more in the region as well as boost your bank account for the next leg of your adventure.

3. The weather is perfect all year round

Green Island

With between 280 and 320 days of sunshine a year, Queensland is the epitome of perfect working holiday conditions. Whether you’re working on the fruit fields in Bundaberg or a beachfront cafe on the Gold Coast, the warm temperatures and blue skies are sure to make the fact you’re technically working not seem true.

4. You can get to know the locals


With a ‘how ya going’ attitude, us Aussies love making friends, and so do our native animals. You’ll get used to kangaroos wandering around, the cackling of the kookaburras, and the great eight will be your new crew.

There’s always a Queenslander out and about willing to help, point you in the right direction, and tell you yarns about region. The fun, laid back Aussie lifestyle is contagious and once you catch it, you won’t want to let it go!

5. You can get to know the best state in the country on a deeper level


It’s one thing to visit, but a longer stay means more time to explore the diverse state and instil the Aussie spirit inside you (why wouldn’t you want that mate!). With the extra time you’ll be able to learn the local secrets, drilling deeper than the typical tourist hot spots and seeing more of the area than you would if only visiting.

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