Free ebook: In search of Queensland’s Great Eight marine life encounters

Setting off to explore something as vast and significant as the Great Barrier Reef might leave you wondering, where do I start? Stretching over 2,300 kilometres in length and taking in almost 350,000 square kilometres of pristine marine environment, it pays to have some way of structuring your trip. Enter The Great Eight.

The Great Eight is Queensland’s underwater answer to an African safari’s Big Five. It’s not only a checklist of the most stunning marine life that live in this World Heritage-listed marine park but a great way to ensure you encounter all manner of other wonderful fish, coral and sea life along the way.

Inside this free ebook, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Great Eight marine life encounters, which includes magnificent manta rays, colourful clownfish, giant clams, potato cod, the beautiful Maori wrasse, wise-but-chilled turtles, spectacular sharks, the playful 45-tonne humpback whales and their cousins, the dwarf minke whales.

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From finding Nemo to saying ‘hi’ to a friendly Maori wrasse, the Great Barrier Reef gives you the opportunity to swim alongside some of the most spectacular marine wildlife.

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