Summer sunflowers in full bloom [gallery]

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Summer = sunflower season in Southern Queensland Country and this year they are bloomin’ baby. A sea of yellow flood the fields of country towns creating the most picturesque of sceneries along the Sunflower Route from Warwick to Allora.

It’s a 50 kilometre round trip that will take you through the crop fields, brick-red sorghum, and green lucerne that make up the patchwork countryside. Take the route anytime from late January through to March and you’ll find yourself immersed and surrounded by these giant summer flowers that stretch as far as the eye can see.

When you take the Sunflower Route, please be mindful that these sunflowers grow in the farmlands and crop fields of hard working Queenslanders. Remember to be respectful and do not trespass or damage property or sunflowers trying to get the perfect picture. The best thing you can do is admire the sunflowers from a distance and enjoy their beauty.


Image by @ausmican


As soon as you drive out of Warwick, turn up those summer tunes and keep your eyes peeled to catch the first glimpse of yellow in the distance.

Sunflowers in Clifton, SQC

Image by @shotsbygav

Roll down your car windows and breathe in the fresh country air.

Sunflower standing tall in SQC

Image by @afterkasey

Sunflowers can grow up to 30 inches in diameter. In fact, the largest on record was 32 ¼ inches!

Sunset Sunflower Clifton, SQC

Image by @shotsbygav

Take your time to admire these summer beauties in all their glory.

Field of sunflowers in Allora

Image by @andrewhoward25

Watch in awe as the giant sunflowers peacefully sway in the summer breeze.

Sunflower field in Allora SQC

Image by @mikayla_cover

As you enter Allora, you are welcomed by a sea of sunflowers.

Sunflower field in Allora SQ

Image by @sarushkareddy

Enjoy the summer breeze in a field of giant golden sunflowers.

Sunflower near warwick SQC

Image by @joanne.perkins