19 of the best Instagram accounts to follow

19 more of the best Instagram accounts to follow

While it’s given us many blissed-filled moments (or hours) of scrollable beauty to indulge in, Instagram has become so much more than just another social media platform to share a few snaps on.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a global community start to form, one whose sole intent is to inspire our wanderlust, giving guidance and advice to others with that burning desire to explore.

So here’s to the legends who continue to fill up our Queensland bucket lists; hit follow and get Insta-stalking on 19 more of the best Instagram accounts to follow.

(Psst, if you haven’t already, you might want to add these 20 ‘grammers to the list. And these guys, too.)

1. Matt Glastonbury

Matt Glastonbury | The best Instagram accounts to follow

Matt Glastonbury (@mattglastonbury) is an Aussie powerhouse, hailing from Tasmania and well-known in the Insta realm as one of the country’s top full-time photography and social media influencers.

Adding commercial drone pilot to his creative mix, expect stunning landscapes of our beautiful country thrown in with snaps from his worldly adventures, helping out big names like Airbnb and National Geographic Traveller along the way.

2. Sera J Wright

Sera J Wright

Soft pastel hues and dreamy vistas set the tone for Sera J Wright’s (@photography_byron_bay) imagery.

When she isn’t making the word jealous with coastal snaps of her hometown in Byron Bay, the self-taught landscape and travel photographer is jet-setting far and wide as a supporter of Canon Australia, capturing pinch-me locations and experiences for tourism boards and destination marketing organisations around the world.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I started in November 2014 as a way of sharing my weekend adventures and daily photos of sunsets and sunrises with my family and friends, which has now grown into sharing my adventures and travels with not only them but with people from all over Australia and the world.

I love the sense of community. I’ve met people through Instagram that I would never have normally met otherwise, some of whom are now my lifelong friends. The inspiration it gives and the support and advice you receive from other users is amazing. It has given me the opportunity to travel to destinations I never thought I would and has really changed my life.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

Anywhere in Queensland! My family used to go on camping trips to Fraser Island at least once a year for the first eight years of my life, so Fraser holds a very special place in my heart. The creeks, the lakes (especially Lake McKenzie), the sand dunes, the wildlife, the whales and being able to camp on the beach is so much fun, and it gives you a real sense of freedom.

But the Great Barrier Reef has to be my favourite of all, and Lady Elliot Island in particular is incredible. The reef is one of the most beautiful natural wonders I have ever seen; swimming with some of the most incredible marine life and having turtles swim right up beside you in the wild is a pretty magical experience, and it’s such an affordable holiday destination!

I recently did a quick trip to Cairns and that area is beautiful; there’s so much up there to explore. I’m hoping to do a three-month road trip all over Queensland next year, especially up around Tropical North Queensland, although there are so many places I want to visit I might have to make the road trip longer!

I spend almost every second weekend exploring around South East Queensland, as it’s so close to home and has so many hidden gems. There really are too many favourites to mention!

3. Sue Whiteman

Sue Whit | The best Instagram accounts to follow

Just a few scrolls in and you can tell Sue Whiteman (@suewhit) has a love for Queensland that runs deep. With landscape scenes jumping from the skyscrapers of

With landscape scenes jumping from the skyscrapers of Brisbane city to the towering palms lining Palm Cove and fields of Southern Queensland Country, she has a way of making us Queenslanders feel all warm and fuzzy inside with her ability to capture the state in all its natural glory.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I started almost by accident about three years ago. I had the app on my phone but hadn’t posted anything when a friend tagged me in a photo. I had lost my mum and the camera ended up lying idle for months and months. I thought, ‘let’s see what this is about’, so I picked up the camera, gave it a clean and away I went. I think mum would be proud.

I love the way the Instagram community interacts. The friendships that have developed, both face-to-face and across the seas, the encouragement that surrounds Instagram and the knowledge that people look forward to seeing what you post next and travel along with you.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

My favourite place to holiday in Queensland? Now that’s tough! There are still places I have on my bucket list, like the Birdsville Races and standing at the most northerly point of Australia, Cape York.

But until then, my favourite place to holiday in Queensland would be the magnificent Daintree and Cape Tribulation area. The rainforest meeting the reef amazes me with its beauty and colours of blues and greens. The laidback lifestyle and the friendly locals make this a place to return to (and not forgetting the homemade ice-cream up there, too).

4. Levi Caleb Allan

Levi Caleb Allan |  The best Instagram accounts to follow

Be warned: It’s easy to get lost in the wanderlust-filled feed of Levi Caleb Allan (@levicaleballan). The self-proclaimed wanderer, now professional travel photographer, calls the world his home, whether that be the snowy tops of Mt Kosciusko or a tent nestled the lush rainforests of Lamington National Park.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I started on Instagram about two years ago and saw it as many creatives do – a platform to share content and engage with a like-minded community. The thing I love most about Instagram is its inevitable ability to let people connect with and meet photographers anywhere on the planet.

A lot of the people I call good mates I initially met through sending them a DM asking if they’d be keen to meet up and shoot, and vice versa.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

The Whitsundays – it’s the most picturesque, beautiful and tropical coast of Australia.

5. Glen David Wilson

Glen David Wilson | The best Instagram accounts to follow

Queensland is his playground, and Glen David Wilson (@glendavidwilson) has a knack for showing off its whimsical nature.

His latest adventure road-tripping along the east-coast saw him chasing waterfalls and sunsets from Cairns down to the coloured sands of Rainbow Beach before finishing up in Brisbane.

6. Andrew Watson

Andrew Watson | The best Instagram accounts to follow

Andrew Watson (@andrewwatsonphoto) points-and-shoots across all facets of photography, from travel and lifestyle to commercial and corporate.

But what you’ll mostly find on his Instagram is a wide range of natural sceneries from all parts of Australia  – one minute you’re eye-balling a great white shark off Port Lincoln, the next you’ve got a bird’s-eye view of mangrove waterways in Cairns.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I started around October 2014, mainly to gain a better profile for my travel and landscape imagery, but also to show off some of Tropical North Queensland‘s amazing locations, where I live.

What I love most about being on Instagram is being part of the IG community, not only sharing my own imagery but also being inspired by others in terms of new locations and the style of images being created. From Instagram, I’ve been inspired to get into astrophotography and also do more underwater photography and time-lapse.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

Undoubtedly the Great Barrier Reef. It’s such an incredible ecosystem and being that it stretches all along the Queensland coast, there are so many places to explore it.

I love the scuba diving in the far north in the Coral Sea – the islands and coral cays close to Cairns – and amazing locations such at Lady Elliot Island in its southern reaches with its diverse marine life.

I love capturing the underwater coral landscapes, but even more, getting up close to the big stuff… turtle, whales, manta rays and sharks.

7. Scotty Pass

Scotty Pass

Scotty Pass (@scottypass) is the name and water is his game. While home is the Sunshine Coast, you’ll find this ocean-lover and photographer out and about scouting some of the most beautiful blue locations we’ve ever laid eyes on.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I started on Instagram approximately three-and-a-half years ago, focusing primarily on travel and adventure photography. I love having the ability to showcase some of the best travel destinations in Australia and internationally by providing my audience with content that’s engaging, informative and practical.

And having the ability to network with so many different creatives and share knowledge and images with like-minded travellers is inspiring and keeps me motivated.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

Without a doubt, Cairns is one of my favourite travel destinations in Queensland. It offers travellers such a unique and diverse range of travel options for all budgets, whilst delivering an overwhelming variety of adventure activities in a tropical environment. 

You really do get the best of both worlds in Cairns – reef and rainforest. It keeps me coming back time and time again!

8. Tim Clark

Tim Clark | The best Instagram accounts to follow

For someone who’s only in their early ’20s, Tim Clark (@timclark1) sure is living the dream.

Follow the Australian-based photographer as he moves around the world from one incredible adventure to the next (hot springs in Cali or beach-side hammocks in Palm Cove, anyone?).

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I downloaded the app in 2012 and used it solely as a means to connect with friends. It wasn’t until I started posting my work and travelling frequently in 2014, which inevitably lead to connecting with a wider audience and meeting like-minded individuals along the way.

It’s so easy to get lost in all the amazing content from around the world on a daily basis – it sure does make for some intense wanderlust. I think another big factor for me is being able to share a story behind my work on a more personal level. The sense of community is also a great drive to keep moving.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

Earlier this year I was invited to spend a week on the road along the Pacific Coast Way from Cairns to Brisbane. I’d have to say that Tropical North Queensland takes the cake for me.

I couldn’t get enough of the Tablelands – the lush rainforests and an abundance of waterfalls forces you to slow down and appreciate time in the moment. The slow paced life in the tropics quickly becomes addictive, to say the least.

9. Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith | The best Instagram accounts to follow

Having been based on the Gold Coast his entire life, Taylor Smith (@twsvisuals) originally took up photography as a way of capturing all the different places he had travelled to – both overseas and the many days spent exploring the hidden gems, golden beaches and waterfalls around his home.

Currently studying a Doctor of Medicine, photography is no longer just a hobby he turns to when he needs to de-stress from the books, but a passion that has led to paid gigs. Kudos to you, man!

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I decided to give into the Instagram bandwagon back in 2013 to see what all the fuss was about and I’ve been hooked ever since! It wasn’t until I joined the platform that I realised how many jaw-dropping destinations there are around the world and the true meaning of ‘wanderlust’.

I absolutely love the ability to show the rest of the world my backyard and where I grew up whilst being able to take a peek into those of others. Every time I open the app I’m immediately swept away to a Maldivian beach, the Swiss Alps, or the Amazon rainforest.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

I had the pleasure of visiting the exquisite Whitsundays last year and they’ve certainly left a lasting impression. The panoramic vistas from the moment you crawl out of bed to the last cocktail at One Tree Hill – the islands truly are a tropical paradise.

10. Katie Purling

Katie Purling | The best Instagram accounts to follow

Armed with a camera and deep appreciation for the complexity of nature, Katie Purling (@mycolourfulworld_) was determined to recreate the beauty of our world exactly as she sees it. And let me tell you, it’s freakin’ b-e-a-utiful (as is her story of how this all came to be).

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love the most about it?

I was a bit of latecomer to Instagram, starting up in December 2014, and for a long time I honestly didn’t have a clue about what I was doing. Originally I started @mycolourfulworld_ as an anonymous account, a creative outlet that was completely separate to my full-on everyday life as a pharmacist.

I endeavoured to keep it a secret, believing that I lacked any creative flare and therefore feeling shy about expressing myself artistically through photography. However, that did not last long and now a year and a half later Instagram has managed to become a huge part of my life, with my photos and posts reflecting a large part of my personality and how I view the world. I now feel like Instagram motivates me to live the life I have always dreamed and I love it for that.

It is such a positive community of like-minded individuals who are all just trying to make the most of showcasing their own personal representation of nature and our world in different and interesting ways.

I also love that it introduced me to photography, that it motivates me to capture stunning images, learn and better my skills, and also drives me to constantly look for new locations in which to create compelling content for my followers.

What is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

Moving to Queensland in mid-2015 was my first time travelling through this remarkably beautiful state. During my drive along the east coast towards Cairns, I had the pleasure of spending some time in Airlie Beach and The Whitsundays. Since then, this has definitely become my absolute favourite place to holiday in Queensland.

With so much diversity, from the chilled little coastal town that is Airlie Beach to the picturesque Whitsunday Islands, this holiday destination combines everything that I love in the one place.

11. Ben Leo Davis

Ben Leo Davis

If you’ve ever thought about quitting your day job, selling most of your belongings, and taking off into the sunset (or a field of sunflowers) to go and experience what life is all about, then the Insta feed of Ben Leo Davis (@benleodavis) might just be the inspo you need to live out your free-spirited fantasies.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I started my Instagram roughly three years ago, but only got seriously into photography about two-and-a-half years ago. It started as a personal account where I shared a few photos I enjoyed with my friends. It’s since escalated into a platform where I share my favourite photos with a worldwide audience.

I love how Instagram can connect you with a variety of diverse creatives and open a world of opportunity to young travel enthusiasts like myself. I love sharing my work and seeing how much enjoyment comes from the images I create.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

My favourite place would have to be Sunshine Coast. Not many people around yet the coast is always so vibrant and scenic. Always great for a mini getaway!

12. Mitchell Pettigrew

Mitchell Pettigrew | The best Instagram accounts to follow

Turning water into an art form, Mitchell of @shipwreckphotography transforms fleeting moments in nature into photographic masterpieces.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I started my Instagram account (and taking photos) two years ago. At first, I bought a GoPro Black 3 to take videos of surfing but quickly realised how fun it was to shoot waves. Then I needed a place to put them, and there was Instagram!

I just loved sharing photos, even though at first it was only for family and friends. But I was passionate about it and even bought some Canon equipment, so I’d say it’s for the love of shooting and sharing my passion.

I love getting feedback, and when you meet someone and they already know you, it’s a massively awesome feeling to be able to help them and talk about all of our passions.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

Well, I’m a sucker for ocean wildlife, so I love Lady Elliot Island. Swimming with turtles and hanging out in the water with them is my ultimate escape. But if I’m not there, I love weekend trips up to Noosa; it’s such a beautiful part of the coast, exploring the national park or just cruising along the beach. I love it!

13. Allan Dixon

Allan Dixon | The best Instagram accounts to follow

If you aren’t already following Allan Dixon (@daxon), then prepare to have your life improved significantly. Originally from Ireland, Allan is famous for his hilarious and oh-so-adorable animal selfies.

But what’s even more unbelievable is his ability to ‘talk’ the animals into posing with him (their faces say it all!).

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I created an account at the start of 2012 and only posted five photos over the year. Back then I didn’t really see its use because I was solely focused on creating YouTube videos.

It was only until it re-ignited my passion for photography that I found it the best platform to showcase those moments of my life instead of full video production. Once you get positive community feedback on your photography, you’re hooked.

I love the community aspect. It’s uplifting and loving. People engage with each others’ content with messages of support. It’s always nice to tell others how great their work is and to continue pushing for more.

Better yet if your photography aligns, there’s even a chance to meet up with that like-minded individual in person if you’re in the area.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

The most enriching experience in Queensland I’ve had so far was sailing The Whitsundays. Disconnecting from technology from time to time is refreshing.

14. Rachel Barwick

Rachel Barwick | The best Instagram accounts to follow

Hitting the open road around Australia at the beginning of this year, Rachel Barwick, aka @life.with.three, and her travelling buddy @caravandan (you’ll get to read all about him in just a tick) are making us green with envy  sharing their journey one picture-perfect snap at a time.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I initially started Instagram in 2012 just as a way to display my love for food, adventure and also my puppy, Poppie. When we (@caravandan and I) started our journey around Australia in January of this year, it became more of a documentary for myself but also to show and to help others find beauty as we did here in Australia.

What I love most about Instagram is the bringing together of like-minded people. I love that my page can inspire others to travel and explore but mostly love the interaction it ensues.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

Queensland is such a diverse state with so many beautiful places, so it’s very hard to choose! I cannot go past the Whitsunday Islands, though. My favourite experience here was our seaplane flight to Whitehaven Beach.

This place is truly magical and we had the most perfect day through to touch down. The white sand and clear blue water puts a smile on your face that you just can’t get rid of. It’s a place that truly makes the soul happy.

15. Daniel Boffa

Caravan Dan

Road trip goals = Daniel Boffa (@caravandan) and Rachel Barwick. If you’ve ever thought about packing up and exploring what this country has to offer, these guys will get your butt car into gear as they share the amazing locations you’ll find along the way.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

Rachel and I started our trip around Australia back in January and it was around this time that I started my Instagram account. I originally started it for my family and friends to be able to follow our travels and see all of the beautiful things that we were seeing each and every day.

A part of me also hoped that if the account started to grow, that maybe it would be able to give a wider audience this experience and encourage more people to try and get out and see more of this beautiful country of ours, as I feel not enough of us do.

Our families and friends have really enjoyed being able to follow us through our travels and I think it actually made it easier for some of them to deal with not seeing us for a very long time. I also love that I am able to share my experiences with such a wide audience.

Through Instagram, we have gotten to know other people who are also travelling Australia, and we’ve all benefited greatly from each other’s accounts, learning of new places to see and being able to give each other recommendations and tips. I couldn’t imagine ever travelling without Instagram!

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

This is a really tough one as there are so many really special places. We had some incredible experiences in The Whitsundays, so it would be hard to go past this. Between taking part in a reef and island scenic flight (including flying over Hill Inlet and Heart Reef) to landing on the water with a seaplane at Whitehaven Beach, and exploring the beautiful Hamilton Island – there were just so many jaw-dropping experiences! We will cherish our time there for the rest of our lives.

16. Elise Hassey

Elise Hassey

You might have seen her beautiful shots featured in magazines such as Australian Traveller and International Traveller, but for a consistent dose of her candid and unique imagery, hit follow on Elise Hassey’s (@elisehassey) Instagram account.

Specialising in lifestyle and travel photography, you’ll be taken all over the world into the faces and places of her focus.

17. Sunny River

Sunny River | The best Instagram accounts to follow

Sunny River (@sunnyriver) is a Gold Coast-based photographer impassioned by the ability to express the reality and story of a place with his camera.

When he’s not working on commissioned projects, you can find him exploring the beaches and hinterland around his home.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

About three years ago. With 500 million monthly active users on the world’s largest photo sharing platform, who wouldn’t want to tap into that market? And it’s a great way to share, connect and network with like-minded people. Ultimately, creating a community based around your passion.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

There are so many incredibly beautiful places to explore in Queensland, it’s impossible to select a favourite. However, if I had to, maybe The Whitsundays. But my advice: start from the top and work your way down, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

18. Casey Eveleigh

Casey Eveleigh | The best Instagram accounts to follow

Mother Nature is his subject, and Casey Eveleigh (@caseyeveleighphotography) is dishing out all her good sides from the rolling hills of Brisbane’s Scenic Rim to the local roos hanging about at Cape Hillsborough.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I started my Instagram account around two years ago. I just bought a GoPro after seeing Clark Little’s images (a Hawaiian surf photographer) on there and just had to be a part of the Instagram world. I was blown away by people’s images!

I love sharing my images and viewing other peoples from all over the world, to inspire and be inspired, and to get outside and enjoy our beautiful planet. Also meeting new friends who share the same passion.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

Besides my home on the Gold Coast – where I’m within an hour’s drive to the beach, rainforests and mountains (where I spend a lot of time) – I’d say my recent trip travelling in a motorhome along the coastline from the Gold Coast to Cairns is my favourite.

There are so many beautiful places to stop along the coastline, and travelling in a motorhome allows you the freedom to experience a lot more.

19. Scotty Sinton

Scotty Sinton | The best Instagram accounts to follow

The last few years has seen Auckland-based photographer and filmmaker Scotty Sinton (@scottysinton) snappin’ surfers and breaks in Fiji, kayaking the Yukon/Alaskan Border, chasing powder and swimming with dolphins in New Zealand, and hitting the Pacific Coast Way from Brisbane to Cairns on this epic east coast adventure.

When did you start on Instagram and why? What do you love most about it?

I jumped on Instagram about two years ago. I was a little late to the party because at that point in my career I was still a little self-conscious about my work. Finally, I bit the bullet and made an account. I think the tipping point was that the person I had just done a shoot with was too awesome not to tag!

What I love about Instagram is exactly what got me started. The awesome networking opportunities and the rad vibe within the creative community. Now, I have so many friends that I may never have crossed paths with if it wasn’t for Instagram.

I’ve met lots already in person and will no doubt meet many of the others in future. I actually met @jarradseng on Instagram which ultimately landed me in Queensland twice.

Where is your favourite place to holiday in Queensland and why?

It would have to be Noosa. It was only a short visit and not having my surfboard made it a little painful. Being teased with crystal-clear water and perfect waves in the national park has me planning a trip back ASAP!

Is there any you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!