Why Fraser Island is so freakin’ amazing

For an island to be World Heritage listed, it must be pretty spectacular, and once you see Fraser Island, you’ll soon agree.

Mother Nature definitely brought her A game to Fraser Island with pristine white sands stretching for 75 miles against water as blue as Chris Hemsworth’s eyes. Chuck in some lush rainforests for a bit of green, and the world’s purest colony of dingoes for some orange; the colours of Fraser Island must be seen to be believed.

To get to Fraser Island, you can drive or fly into Hervey Bay then catch the barge or passenger ferry across to the island. Or, for 4WD enthusiasts, take the Great Beach Drive and travel to Inskip Point. From here, board the barge to Fraser Island. Don’t forget to grab a vehicle beach access permit before driving on Fraser.


Champagne sunset | Girls Got Grit on Fraser Island | blog.queensland.comNestled amongst the tree-covered dunes on the edge of the Great Sandy Strait is Kingfisher Bay Resort. A paradise for boating, fishing, swimming and exploring the island, this resort acts as the gateway to the World Heritage wilderness of Fraser Island. Book into one of their Bush Tucker Talk and Taste classes to learn about the natural bush foods and how to use them in delicious dishes.

With a Junior Eco Ranger program for kids and a stellar cocktail menu for the adults, every family member will be kept happy.

As Fraser Island’s only privately owned camp ground, Cathedrals on Fraser provides a lush and relaxing environment where guests can enjoy all the natural beauty, wildlife and magic of Fraser Island.

For more camping options check out our handy infographic which lists our favourite choices for sleeping under the stars.



Although Fraser Island isn’t huge, it is the world’s largest sand island, stretching over 122 kilometres—meaning there is loads to explore. But, what’s the best way to see it all?

Luckily, you don’t need to be exclusive with your transport. Instead, tour the island on a Jet-ski, 4WD, catamaran, hummer, segway, helicopter or plane. Soar in style, high above the waves, or drive up the highway of 75 Mile Beach. Remember to keep an eye out for dingoes!

Stop off for a dip in the Champagne Rock Pools and dry off on top of Indian Head for views that will give you Instagram #fame. If you’d like to explore the water more, then a jet ski is for you with turtles, stingrays and dolphins being easily visible under the crystal clear waters.

Whatever your preferred mode of transport, there’s something for everyone and something to make every experience that extra bit special.


Fraser Island Forest

Ok great, so we’ve established that there are multiple ways of exploring Fraser Island by wing or wheel. But what about by foot?

For serious hikers there is the 8 Day Great Walk, which is, you guessed it, a massive walk that takes eight days to complete—and that will introduce you to all the hidden treasures along the Fraser Coast. The rainforests that you will walk through are the only ones in the world that grow and thrive in sand. Listen for bird calls from some of the 325 species of birds that live on Fraser Island.

Starting at Dilli Village and ending at Happy Valley, this 90km walk passes by towering rainforests, crystal-clear lakes, coloured sands and vast dunes.  Along the way you will pass iconic sites such as Lake McKenzie, Wanggoolba Creek, Lake Wabby and Central Station.


Fraser Island | Lake McKenzie | blog.queensland.com

Lake McKenzie by Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust)

Worked up a sweat? Then it’s time to cool down and go for a swim in Lake McKenzie.

The awe-inspiring beauty of this lake makes it one of the most visited natural sites on the island. It is a ‘perched’ lake, meaning it only contains rainwater, isn’t fed by streams and doesn’t flow to the ocean. This is only one of Fraser’s 100+ lakes and may contain a unique species of tortoise that’s found in some of the freshwater lakes on the island.

With a base of white silica sand, it’s not only beautiful to look at but is also amazingly soft to walk on. Sand beds have never been so inviting.


Fraser Island | Oracle Fox at Eli Creek | blog.queensland.comFor a slightly more adventurous swim, head to Eli Creek, a fast flowing stream of fresh water that pours up to four million litres into the ocean every hour.

Wet ‘n’ Wild ain’t got nothing on Eli Creek when tubing down the swiftly moving waters is providing endless hours of fun.


Dingo on Fraser Island by @laurenepbath

Dingo on Fraser Island by @laurenepbath

Want to get up close and personal with Australian native wildlife? Then the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary on the mainland near Maryborough is yours for the taking.

In the meantime, Fraser Island is home to the purest strain of dingos in Australia, but it’s best to keep your distance when you encounter them in the wild.

Instead, sing up for a ‘true blue’ dingo interaction where you can admire the magnificent animals amidst trained experts.

It’s not just about the dingoes though; there’s kangaroos, wallabies, emus, turtles and native birds in abundance. And, for a spot of difference, make sure you give a kiss to Kadar, the resident camel!

Fraser Island is waiting to be explored IRL (in real life) but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore a little before you go. Check out our video to see why it’s World Heritage Listed.