Ladies, ditch Valentine’s Day for a leap-year proposal

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Oh, the irony of getting the single gal to write a post about Valentine’s Day and leap-year proposals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no crazy cat lady, but all that lovey dovey stuff AND penning the perfect proposal spots to boot?


So, I’ve cast my mind back, dear reader, to the days where my giant bride doll, Tiffany, would act out the all-important proposal… and Frosty (the reluctant rabbit) doubled as her would-be groom.

And then it hit me. Leap-year proposals are really all about reluctant beaus who’d rather sit in a corner and munch on a carrot, than pop the all-important question. #IGotThis.

So, without further ado, AND with Feb 29 fast approaching, here are my top places for savvy Valentines to snag their men or… erm… die trying.


Heart Reef

You can hardly watch a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef without seeing Heart Reef pop up in full Whitsundays’ glory on your TV screen. It’s heart-shaped and absolutely perfect for proposals… but, ladies, the name is a dead giveaway if you’re springing the leap-year surprise on your man.

Instead, try Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island – you can’t really see it’s shaped like a love heart unless you’re up in the air… and it’s kind of a-slightly-squashed-on-its-side-kind-of-heart at that – but it offers gorgeous golden sands, turquoise-coloured waters and, as an added bonus, if you drop to your knee, you’ll rise with it exfoliated.

Likewise, the heart-shaped Killarney Glen waterfall in Queensland’s Scenic Rim is perfect for ambush proposals and chances are you’ll have the place to yourself when you pop the question.


Nautilis Aviation

Photo by Jarrad Seng

I once shared an elevator with an excitable American and his female companion to the top of the Eiffel Tower – it was the slowest 276m ride (with one change) ever. My point is, if you choose a gorgeous spot like the top of the Story Bridge – with sweeping skyline views and a mango-coloured sunset to boot – be sure you have an exit strategy if the answer to your question isn’t to your taste.

My American friend didn’t and the ride down from the Eiffel Tower was not particularly fun for him.

If, on the other hand, you’re sure of your beau, Bridge Climb your little hearts out; book a scenic tour with Nautilus Aviation over the Great Barrier Reef; or let Pterodactyl Helicopters take you both AND your taste buds on a romantic trip deep into Southern Queensland Country.

For those cynics amongst us, the new iFLY on the Gold Coast offers an exhilarating virtual wind-tunnel, indoor skydiving experience… so you can always let any unfavourable response blow away in the wind… wind… wind…


Stunt Academy Gold Coast

Is your man a real blokey bloke? Is this love stuff just not on his radar? Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, so why not tackle him in his territory.

  • Fishing weekend on Straddie? You can bait and hook him with the trip to Moreton Bay’s famous sand islands and then reel him in when he says yes.
  • You’ll be on fire when you say “Will you?” And he’ll be on fire… literally… if you pop the question at the Stunt Academy, 50 minutes south of Brisbane.
  • Is your beau a cold one? A Brisbane craft beer crawl might tickle his fancy and you can celebrate your engagement with a perfectly-brewed amber ale.
  • And to round out the list, if your heat is in free-fall, then you might as well be too… from 15,000 feet. The Sunshine Coast offers some of the best beach skydiving around. And if you’re extra prepared, you might be able to land in a love-heart on the sand.

Put yourselves out there in the Sunshine State with your head held high, a shiny ring, and a proposal in your pocket. If I find ‘Mr Clark’ – before the next leap year – I know “I will”.

Are you thinking of popping the question in 2016 or already done it?! Tell us about it in the comments below.