22 travel blogs to follow in 2016

24 travel blogs to follow in 2016

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” Unknown who this quote was by, it sums up so simply the purpose of travel; to experience life.

The 9-to-5 hamster wheel has a way of sucking you into a vortex that, by the time you’ve reached the other end, another year has miraculously passed. Well, don’t let your time get away that easy.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, motivation and guidance to kick-start a new chapter or Aussie adventure, here are 24 more travel blogs to add to your reading list (find our original lists here and here).

Keeping with tradition, these bloggers are either:

  • living in Australia;
  • writing about Australia; or
  • providing a valuable resource for people visiting Australia.

Matthew Vandeputte

The Belgian time-lapse photographer loves showing off a good landscape with old mate Bruce, his trusty drone. We especially love this epic video through Noosa National Park!

The Londoner

She may call London home, but this blogger has an insatiable appetite for travel and food (not to mention her style advice is seriously on-point).

The Blonde Nomads

Rob and Tracy are showing off Mother Nature with their beautiful photography and two little ones in tow.

Norris Around Australia

If the daily grind just isn’t cutting it for you, let these guys inspire you to change course. Just after getting married, Shaun and Sarah took the plunge and said “catch ya” to their ordinary life for an all Aussie road trip adventure.

Happiness and Things

Travel plans = sorted with destination guides from Outback Australia to Montenegro and all that’s in between, complete with handy hotel and restaurant reviews.

Girl Tweets World

Tweetin’, travelin’ and bloggin’ her way around the world, Jayne also has a bunch of handy tips and advice for aspiring bloggers!

Big World Small Pockets

You don’t need to break the bank to see the world… just ask this traveller who’s making it like Macklemore and living out her nomadic lifestyle on the cheap.

Polkadot Passport

She may be young, but this jet-setter has seen more of the world in her short time than most have in their entire life. Although she’s been busy adventuring her way through Europe and the USA, she recently got the chance to be a ‘tourist’ in her own country, exploring the stunner east coast of Australia (and making her damn proud to be an Aussie!).

This Is Our Australia

After a few minutes perusing this blog you’ll be itching to get out and explore all the extraordinary destinations that make Australia bloody amazing, including the understated but oh-so awesome seaside towns of Agnes Water and 1770.

Holy Smithereens

If you prefer your adventures to come with a hefty side of luxury and style (refillable mini bars and ocean hammocks, anyone?), then this blog is for you. Jean’s got the best of the best with her hotel, airline and destination reviews.

AWOL Family

This Gold Coast mum dishes on all things travel and family as she chases her husband, Aussie triathlete champ Courtney Atkinson, across the world on the road to his third Olympic Games.

World of Wanderlust

From a small project that began with one girl sharing her passion for exploring, World of Wanderlust has quickly evolved into a travel information goldmine. Founder and editor-in-chief Brooke and her team of writers are hot on the trail of the latest travel trends and emerging destinations, as well as old faithfuls like the beautiful World Heritage-listed Fraser Island.

Melissa Findley

If you’re more of a see-er than a reader, you’re going to love the sensory journey this Aussie photographer’s travel blog will take you on.

Never Ending Honeymoon

Don’t let the name fool you because you don’t need to have a special someone to reap the benefits of this blog. Travel fanatic Jacqui shares the highs, lows and hilarity of travel as she and her hubby jet-set from their base in London.

Nomadic Matt

After quitting his cubicle job, Matt took off to call the world home, travelling to over 80 countries, trying weird foods (personally I would never go near fried maggots) and realising you don’t need to be rich to get your travel on. Oh, and the guy is the author of the New York Times best-selling book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, so he obviously knows his stuff.

The World As Bec Sees it

Bec is all about having your cake and eating it too; just because you have the career of your dreams doesn’t mean it should stop you from seeing the world! So if you’re limited on time and can’t be stuffed Googling your way through ideas and plans, get stuck into her travel tips and advice.

Bushwalking Blog

If you love a good hike, let Neil hook you up on the latest tech, gear, tips and tricks, and the ultimate hotspots all over Australia.

The Brunette Travels

Whoever said blondes have more fun should take a squiz at this brunette who’s living out her dreams eating and exploring her way through Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.


For all you underwater lovers, DivePlanIt is your go-to guide if you want to plan a diving holiday. You’ll find diving destinations and how to get there, tour operators, and all the other relevant need-to-know info like where to stay and what to eat!

The Travelling Light

If you prefer a more localised travel experience, where crowds are always at a minimum, Katie has the inside scoop on the secret treasures hidden in and around your next holiday destination (like these Brisbane top spots).


While the name might bring back, for some, nostalgic memories of high-speed car races (Gran Turismo was one of my favourite video games growing up), Laura and Terence are all about the opposite vibe; looking at travel as a slow and thoughtful journey, taking the time to learn about local cultures and people who live there. Follow suit and experience it for yourself with their advice.

Global Grasshopper

Underrated, off the beaten track, a little quirky and insanely beautiful are the underlying themes driving the experiences and adventures of the Global Grasshopper.


Taste your way through Asia and Europe with the Ladyironchef (actually a dude by the name of Brad who know his stuff when it comes to finding a decent feed). Check out his highlights from his recent trip to the sunshine state.


A wanderer at heart, Matt isn’t a backpacker nor did he did he leave his whole life behind to satisfy that itch to explore the world. He’s just an ordinary guy who’s making travel fun and accessible for everyone by sharing his experiences.

Did we miss anyone? What’s your favourite travel blog?