10 Best Food Trucks in Brisbane (3)

10 of the best food trucks in Brisbane

Every week, a gastronomic army rolls out across Brisbane and none of your taste buds are safe.

These food trucks sacrifice nothing to be mobile. The taste, presentation and ambiance are right up there with some of the best dining experiences you can have.

If you were introduced to pop-up restaurants at Brisbane’s Eat Street Markets then this is the next step in your culinary adventure. Here are some of Brisbane’s best food trucks right now.

Buns on the go

The Bun Mobile | The best food trucks in Brisbane

Photo by @thebunmobile via IG

Are you ready for the hottest buns since Richard Simmons put on a leotard? The Bun Mobile serves up pork, chicken or wagyu beef on a steamed bun. Plus, a daily special. Enter the Louisiana Chicken Bun: Cajun spiced chicken; avocado, corn and chilli salsa; baby cos lettuce; salted cucumbers and sweet chilli sauce. That’s east meets west for a taste bud karate chop.

These guys travel all over Brisbane but like them on Facebook for up-to-the-minute locations.

Deep-fried chicken wings

The King of the Wings serve sweet, sticky, spicy, flaming and downright delicious wings. They even have a wing called ‘The Bee Sting’ because honey and spice makes everything nice.

This is fried chicken done right, so track them down in Brisbane and Logan before this bird flies the coop.

Taco delights

Juan More Taco | 10 of the Best Food Trucks in Brisbane Juan More Taco doesn’t just have an amazing name, the food is pretty darn good too.

Take some slow-cooked pork and mix it with spices and seasonal veggies and you get some red hot arrrrrriiiiba-inspiring goodness. Use their ‘find us’ feature on the website to get directions to the juan place you need to be.

Pizza to go

Pizzantica | 10 of the Best Food Trucks in Brisbane No food list is complete without a pizza place. Pizzantica provides more than just a slice of Napoli’s favorite… they even do dessert: Nutella and strawberry calzone. It’s pretty much everything good in life wrapped in handmade pizza dough and baked to a heavenly temperature.

They travel all around Brisbane so like them on Facebook find out where they are.

Brazil’s best

Vira Lata | The best food trucks in Brisbane

Vira Lata food truck is the cheapest way to get a return ticket to Brazil. Burgers consist of pork and pineapple or six-hour slow cooked wagyu and amber ale (known as a Drunk Bull) and for the vegos (or anyone really), the Haloumi Hotdog. Dios mio!

To find them north and south of the Brisbane River, like their Facebook page for up-to-date locations.

Deli to make Seinfeld jealous

Local Mobile Deli | The best food trucks in Brisbane

Everyone loves a good deli and Local Mobile Deli may not have the most creative name, but that’s because they’re too busy smoking, curing, pickling, fermenting and baking. This is how real sandwiches are made.

You can catch them at the new King Street pop-up and monthly Bakery Lane providore markets, but they also travel all over the central suburbs of Brizzy so use their Facebook page for exact locations.

Rollin’ on brioche buns

How We Rolls | 10 of the best Food Trucks in Brisbane How We Rolls is a smart name. Making sandwiches with fresh brioche buns, house-smoked meats and a dessert called ‘The Harley’ – which is a sticky date and marshmallow super cookie – is a smart move.

Hot chips with a twist

Chip Tease | 10 of the best Food Trucks in Brisbane If you want a little theatrics with your mobile food truck experience then look no further. Chip Tease is basically Back to the Future on wheels, cruising up and down the suburbs along Brizzy river.

Oh, and their beer-battered chips with dipping sauces like the Hot Rod Hot Sauce never leave you wanting. They even have poutine, which is French Canadian for cheese and gravy. Right on, eh?

Ol’ fashioned BBQ

American BBQ always tastes good but to get it to that next level you need some homegrown, down-to-earth, southern love. That BBQ Joint serves up ribs, brisket, onion rings and Mississippi Mud Cake on the daily.

This is soul food on location throughout Brisbane. Find them through their Facebook page and get your flavour on, ya’ll!

Mind-numbingly good dessert

Doughnut Bar | The best food trucks in Brisbane

Nothing is sweeter than a doughnut stuffed with Nutella AND cheesecake. The Doughnut Bar is a mobile temptress of sweet delights, just like this.

The colours, textures and flavours all add up to give you ZERO hope of saying no. Find the right doughnut at the right time through their Facebook Page.

Are there any you think we’ve missed? What’s your favourite Brisbane food truck?