10 things to do on your 30th birthday in Queensland

If you turn 30 this year, or know someone who is, you could be faced with the feeling of “how on earth will I celebrate?” You’re a fully-fledged, sophisticated  adult now, but it’s also the time to be playful. Just how do you commemorate the last 30 years?

Never fear, we’re here with plenty of inspiration for a legendary celebration, whatever that looks like for you. Our list of things to do for your 30th birthday will do this impressive milestone justice.

Through the grapevine

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

Let’s start with a drink – it’s your 30s, after all. If you have a passion for vines, or at the very least been wine tasting, you’ll know that Australia’s grapes are pretty great.

Now that you’re turning 30, what better time to cruise into your next decade than with a new hobby?

Plan a weekend of vineyard hopping and learn a new skill, like describing notes, body and texture. Start off with these wineries on the Granite Belt, where in Stanthorpe you can up the ante with the Strange Birds trail (alternative variety wines) and sip on a Fiano, Montepulciano or Saperavi.

Or head south to the wineries of the Gold Coast Hinterland and Scenic Rim for those spectacular views.

Hop your way around a brewery

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

More of a beer fan? We’ve got you covered.

Go on the XXXX Brewery Tour in Brisbane to warm up with 90 minutes on the origins of beer brewing and the story of XXXX in Queensland’s history. See the inner workings of the brewery as you walk through and learn to pour your own beer like the responsible 30 year old you are!

While you’re at it, hit the craft beers and get some food into you with their equally impressive menus.

Afterwards, do Australia’ classiest bar crawl with all manner of gins, cocktails and delightful drinks awaiting you at these prime spots.

Indulge in a degustation

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

Whether you’ve experienced a degustation before or not, your 30th birthday is the perfect opportunity to be taken on a culinary odyssey at one of Queensland’s renowned fine dining restaurants.

Not only is it the perfect way to treat yourself, you might kick off your next decade with new knowledge of (and appreciation for) local produce, ingredients, dishes and techniques you may not have tried before. Your palate is sophisticated now, after all.

Go camping

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

Want to see in your 30s surrounded by the great outdoors? Pile into the car with your closest and just drive. Navigate your way with these road trips and pack the car for a few nights of sleeping under the stars and big bush BBQs.

There are so many great places to camp in Queensland, so we’ll give you the creme de la creme. You are 30 now, after all – and deserve the very best.

Fancy some island camping? Head to Dunk Island.

Got a long weekend to make the most of? Check these places out.

For secluded camping, try and find these remote getaways.

Sail the seas

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

The only birthday blues you should have about turning 30 are the colours you see when you climb the mast of your own yacht. Yes, it’s time to celebrate your milestone birthday the way you deserve.

Queensland Yacht Charters will furnish you with your own personal yacht to sail around the Whitsundays islands. No boat license needed. Just bring the food, drinks and your luckiest friends and family. Then check our handy guide to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

Wave and smile serenely at passing boats and wildlife as you realise turning 30 is actually pretty fantastic.

Great walk for a great day

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

Healthy mind, healthy body. Breeze into your 30s without the backaches by practicing a little self care in the form of exercise (coupled with spectacular views).

The Great Walks that wind their way around Queensland are a step into the wild and a foot in the door of discovery. This list of 10 of the best walks will put you in the right direction; it’s just up to you on how far you want to go. Make sure you’re prepared by reading this guide to make each step a little easier – and don’t forget your camera to capture the memories.

4×4 for real

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

If you haven’t done this yet it’s time to book your annual leave, cancel that baby shower, find a dog sitter and get your butt into a 4×4 and head to Fraser Island.

Better yet, hire someone else’s 4×4 and let them do all the hard work while you just make rally car noises as you drive. Head to Hervey Bay for your gateway to this island playground and book a ride with Fraser Magic 4WD Hire. To get you a little more excited check these girls out as they learn the rules of the road.

Jump out of a plane

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

This is a tried and true classic. Fly really high into the air, grab a parachute, open a door and then fall until your instructor tells you it’s time to not die.

When you’re in your twenties and you feel invincible, doing things like this seem trivial. Now that your knees are starting to hurt and you’re more concerned with fibre content than you are alcohol content, jumping out of a plane sounds insane!

Don’t let the stress of a career, kids, houses, car loans and other grown-up stuff get in the way of remembering you pulled an all-nighter to watch Wimbledon. Yeah, you did that, and you’re awesome.

Go jump out of that plane and yell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” when you do it.

Turning 30? What are your plans? Share in the comment section below!