10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

If you turn 30 this year you might be thinking, “Am I an adult now?” and then you might think “What do adults do for their birthday?”.

Looking at your Facebook feed and only seeing baby pictures, healthy diets and “our first home!”, things may look bleak… but have no fear, Queensland is here to make sure your birthday is as epic as The Goonies (which also turns 30 this year).

Here is a very mature list of things worth doing for your 30th birthday that will get you more excited than a Full House re-run.

Learn about wine

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

Let’s start this off in the best way possible. With a drink. Now, after travelling in your younger twenties you may have dabbled in a few wine-tasting sessions in France or Germany and thought they were amazing. 

Well, now that you’re 30 you know better and you’ve realised that Australia is wine-growing heaven and we do it right – like these wineries on the Granite Belt or the Gold Coast Hinterland.

So, book off a weekend and learn what it takes to say, “this is a fortified wine with sweet after tones and a medium body” with a straight face.

Learn about beer

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

Don’t like the grapes? Let’s scrap that and get your hops on.

The XXXX Brewery Tour in Brisbane is like stepping into Wonka’s wild chocolate factory but for 30-year-old giant kids. You know how to pace yourself, because you’re responsible now, so you can enjoy the whole day.

When you’re finished here, try out some other craft beers for a taste of hipster goodness before you become too old to fit in those skinny jeans.

Now that the drinks are out of the way…

Learn about cocktails

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

No, we’re only joking… but seriously check these out.

Book a degustation

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

Over the past 30 years your tastes have grown from honey on toast to Mi Goreng instant noodles and eventually a select variety of pizzas and burgers. Cheer your midlife in with a slap to your taste buds.

Get them into shape so that by the time you’re 40 you’ll be saying things like “these crab cakes have a delicate manner in which they tease your palate” or other such nonsense.

Make your way to the Sunshine Coast for some delicious degustations just waiting to be feasted on.

Go camping

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

Get yourself all grizzled up and head into the bush for a camping and bush BBQ extravaganza.

Imagine the feeling of setting up camp with your mates and throwing a big piece of fatty meat on a spit, then feel secure in the knowledge that you fed them from the power of your 30 years of wilderness experience… or something like that.

There are so many great places to camp in Queensland so we narrowed it down to the best of the best. Want to camp on an island? Try Dunk Island. Drag your birthday out for a long weekend and check these places out. You can even get away to campsites even the locals have a hard time finding.

Sail the Whitsundays on your own private yacht

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

The only birthday blues you should have about turning 30 are the colours you see when you climb the mast of your own yacht. Yeah, it’s time to celebrate your milestone birthday like a billionaire with a spare weekend.

Queensland Yacht Charters will hook you up with your own personal yacht to sail around the Whitsundays islands. No boat license needed. Just bring the food, drinks and maybe a parrot for your shoulder. Then check our handy guide to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

You’ll be yelling pirate slang at other boats in no time.

Hit the open road

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

Road trips can be five days or five hours it just depends on how much of this beautiful state you want to see, but from the moment you put the car in gear, you’ll know you made a good decision.

Queensland will play on repeat through your windows and fade away in the rearview mirror as you weave your way through these awesome road trips.

Being 30, your soundtrack might be a little heavy on the hits of the nineties but that’s never a bad thing.

Great walk for a great day

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

Kick off your thirties with a healthy dose of exercise mixed with amazing views. Not to mention a huge sense of achievement when you realise you just walked further than two Hobbits with some bad jewellery.

The Great Walks that wind their way around Queensland are a step into the wild and a foot in the door of discovery. This list of 10 of the best walks will put you in the right direction; it’s just up to you on how far you want to go. Make sure you’re prepared by reading this guide to make each step a little easier.

4×4 for real

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

If you haven’t done this yet it’s time to book your annual leave, cancel that baby shower, find a dog sitter and get your butt into a 4×4 and head to Fraser Island.

Better yet, hire someone else’s 4×4 and let them do all the hard work while you just make rally car noises as you drive. Head to Hervey Bay for your gateway to this island playground and book a ride with Fraser Magic 4WD Hire. To get you a little more excited check these girls out as they learn the rules of the road.

Jump out of a plane

10 things worth doing for your 30th birthday

This is a tried and true classic. Fly really high into the air, grab a parachute, open a door and then fall until your instructor tells you it’s time to not die.

When you’re in your twenties and you feel invincible, doing things like this seem trivial. Now that your knees are starting to hurt and you’re more concerned with fibre content than you are alcohol content, jumping out of a plane sounds insane!

Don’t let the stress of a career, kids, houses, car loans and other grown-up stuff get in the way of remembering you pulled an all-nighter to watch Wimbledon. Yeah, you did that, and you’re awesome.

Go jump out of that plane and yell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” when you do it.

Turning 30? What are your plans? Share in the comment section below!