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How to do a JinnyBoyTV tour of Cairns and the Gold Coast

Curious to find out what Asia’s hottest YouTubers and Malaysia’s most likeable lads got up to when they visited Cairns and the Gold Coast last month? Then strap yourself in for the read. Because if these wanna-be-Bear-Grylls-kind-of-guys weren’t jumping out of a plane 14,000 feet above the ocean, flying through the jungle, or diving in the Great Barrier Reef, then they were snoozing in #Room753, their very own vacation home at Peppers Broadbeach.

Here’s the low-down on the JinnyBoyTV one-week adventure to Cairns and the Gold Coast (as told by me, their Aussie “Nanna” – seen shoeless here in this pic).

Day 1: Go animal in Cairns

JinnyBoy in Cairns_Hartleys Crocodile Adventures

With two World Heritage areas side by side – the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics rainforest – and more than 600 action-packed tours a day to choose from, narrowing down the must-do bucket list for Cairns was the toughest part of this trip.  So what did we do?

We sent the boys to the Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas just north of Cairns to meet up with a few of the furry locals and ask them for the best plan of attack.

And their advice? Go back. Way, way back 140,000 years to Cape Tribulation and the world’s oldest rainforest where you can swing through the jungle just like Tarzan … ergo, with a few tonnes of steel strung between the trees, some safety equipment and the mandatory JinnyBoy selfie stick. Aaaahhhhyyyoooaaaaahhhh. Is it just me, or is Jane missing from this Jungle Surfing story?


Day 2: Yep, we’re on a horse

Four blokes, four horses, and 400 hundred wayward cattle to round up. What’s a Malaysian YouTuber going to do at Daintree Station?

Why, skip out of town and take a long, romantic horse ride along the nearby beach, of course …. followed by a rumble through the jungle on 250CC quad bikes. Yeehaw! Sometimes our tropical wild north can live up to Hollywood’s hyped-up wild west.

Horse back riding by the beach! #thisisqueensland #rockypoint #ridethebeachadventures #theloneranger

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Day 3: Jaws of death and a dive of doom

Morning: Croc feeding! What the? Yep. It’s time to tickle the tonsils of a three-tonne salty that’s badly wanting his midday makan and there’s nothing more than a two-metre fishing pole and a fleshy chicken drumstick to do it. At Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, croc spotting is for everyone, but croc feeding is for the fearless few. After all, there’s 300 pounds per square inch of pressure crashing down on that featherless bait and just a tiny wire fence separating you from the jaws of death.

Afternoon: It’s not a boys’ trip to Cairns unless there’s at least one swan dive from the ultimate altar of fear – the 50-metre high tower of bungy jump tower – and into a ravine below. The scenery is stunning, but you have to open your eyes first. So how did our Fab Four (or is that Fearful Four) go at AJ Hackett Bungy in Cairns?

I came in like a wrecking ball #thisisqueensland #cairns credits to @reubenkang for capturing this A video posted by Jin Lim (@jinnyboy) on

Day 4: Rin Jin Jin and the raging river

White water rafting is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or under 13 years of age. Don’t worry. We were fully prepared  – we asked Reuben to bring a note from his mum. Height jokes aside, the gnarly grade three and four rapids along the Tully River can be challenging and you sign up for Raging Thunder Adventures expecting to get wet. Very wet.

The good news is each raft is lorded over by well-trained, well-muscled guides who look like Thor and act with absolute safety and a total commitment to fun. Nothing left to do, but paddle hard. Check it out here.

Day 5: Finding Nemo like a Reef Rock God

JinnyBoyTV dive Cairns and Great Barrier Reef_691You can’t go to Cairns and not go to the Great Barrier Reef. That’s just plain un-Australian. This is the only living organism in the world that can be seen from outta space, not to mention it’s the birthplace of that cute little dude, Nemo. (Ahem, does anyone think one of these boys looks like Dory?)

If you’ve got a rock-star kind of budget, then act like one and charter a chopper straight to Great Adventures‘ outer reef pontoon, like our guys did in this awesome video. You’ll spend more time finding Nemo than finding the dock.

Day 6: Float like a butterfly

Bring some zen into your life and float above the world’s oldest rainforest (in a Skyrail gondola) all the way to Kuranda, Queensland’s version of a hill station. It’s slightly cooler, a lot higher, and there’s a historic train ride back. But the real secret is the Kuranda markets and the chance to buy the world’s best gifts.

We reckon any Dad would love a kangaroo paw back scratcher, little Sis would rock a ‘roo bikini… and that retentive person in the office with that odour? Nothing like a stuffed cane toad to show him or her what you think.

Day 7 and beyond: Going for gold

Okay, the details are a bit fuzzy (downtime was definitely on the rider list) but we do know that the next few days were reserved for Australia’s most wickedly famous playground, aka the Gold Coast. This place has everything. Best beaches, biggest theme parks, all-night restaurants, hot air ballooning, Ocean Jet Boating and loads of non-stop fun. What it also offers is the oddest way to prove your insanity: Tandem skydive.

When the boys actually left their megawatt beach views at Peppers Broadbeach, they tossed caution to the wind and jumped from 14,000 feet above the Gold Coast, proving that no amount of Botox could stop their expressions from cracking.

Where did they stay and what did they eat?

Let’s get down to the grunty end of this post. We have no idea what Alan, Rueben, Jin or Guan from JinnyBoyTV ate, but we shovelled them with so many restaurant ideas for Cairns and the Gold Coast that Alan ended up cooking something from scratch just for a detox.

What we do know (because we booked it) is that JinnyBoyTV flew direct from Singapore to Cairns via the new SilkAir connection and rocked out at the vibey QT Hotel Port Douglas (where all the reef hipsters hang) then snuggled up in the centrally located Pullman Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns. They also made their home in #Room753 at Peppers Broadbeach, where we heard Jin actually woke up with the morning sun and tried his hand at surfing. True or false? That we don’t really know.

Did we miss anything? What do you think JinnyBoyTV should do next time they visit Queensland?