Five great degustation restaurants on the Sunshine Coast

4 of the best degustation restaurants on the Sunshine Coast

Foodies, it’s time to ready your nose and cleanse your palate. The decadence of the degustation is at hand and there is no better place to behold its gastronomic glory than the Sunshine Coast.

Transport yourself to a different world just by using your mouth. Each degustation brings a different flavour, texture, region, cuisine, emotion, memory and idea. It’s like reading an entire novel with each bite.

Get ready to expand your mind and waistline with these four degustations on the Sunshine Coast.

The Long Apron

Five great degustation restaurants on the Sunshine Coast

Drive through the entrance of Montville’s Clovelly Estate and feel your taste buds tingle. The lush gardens and rolling landscape echoes with French inspiration. These echoes ring all the way to the kitchen where they get amplified.

Let your imagination soar as you read the eight-course menu. Single-word descriptions like: “Duck”, “Scallop” and “Pork” will leave you guessing until the plate hits the table and your jaw hits the floor. The food is so magical you’ll think Gandalf was in the kitchen.

Noosa Beach House

Five great degustation restaurants on the Sunshine Coast

Pack your bags before you try the Noosa Beach House’s Sri Lankan Snapper Curry; it’s a trip across the South Pacific without even booking a flight. Just when you thought your trip was over another dish comes and takes you away. These meals should come with a pre-flight safety demonstration.

Peter Kuruvita has become a household name in Australia, so it’s not surprising that when it comes to cooking, he sure knows his way around Southern Hemisphere. The menu is five courses of all the memories, experiences and love he has found on his travels.

Spicers Tamarind

Five great degustation restaurants on the Sunshine Coast

Sweet, sour and spicy all come to stay at Spicers Tamarind at Maleny. They snuggle up next to each other in every dish and invite you to join them on a journey through Asian flavour town.

Take a seat and brace yourself for five courses of “This is amazing!” and a wine menu that plays for keeps. Do yourself a favour and book a room for the night.

Lean back and relax as the staff at the Tamarind take over, they know exactly what you need and when. You’ll feel like everything is just for you and that’s how it should be.


Five great degustation restaurants on the Sunshine Coast

Karate chop your way through the doors of Wasabi and get ready for a journey through Japanese cuisine. Gourmet Traveller listed it as the number one Japanese restaurant in Australia, and once you take your first bite you’ll understand why.

The ‘Omakase’ (Japanese for “I’ll leave it to you”) menu can be served in seven courses or nine. Either way, the chef decides where to take you. Join them on a trip through Honeysuckle Hill Farm where all their seasonal produce is grown, before landing back on the Noosa Riverbank to watch the sunset. Domo arigato.

Salivating yet?

This wrap-up of Sunshine Coast food might tip you over the edge.

How many of these degustations have you tried? Let us know in the comment section below!