8 places around Gladstone you’ve never heard of (but need to know right now)

Ready for unexpected beauty in all the right places? Let’s take a whirlwind photo adventure around the Gladstone region and learn a little more about the must-see places and things to do, starting with the gorgeous Southern Great Barrier Reef islands that are just off the Gladstone coast!

1. Heron Island

Two hours after leaving the Gladstone Marina, you can be on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, about to pull into Heron Island. For those who love nature and outdoor (and underwater) adventures, Heron Island is a must visit. Here is an itinerary to help you plan your trip!

The Heron Island Jetty

This jetty is not only an arrival and departure point, it’s also your launching pad for spectacular diving and snorkelling adventures. You can also spend hours spotting reef sharks, sting rays and manta rays from this picturesque spot.

Heron Island Jetty, Gladstone Region

Photo by @_markfitz

Snorkelling adventures

Snap on your snorkel and start exploring the underwater world of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Snorkel straight off the island or jump on a boat to a snorkel spot nearby.

Underwater fish Heron Island

Photo by @_markfitz

Turtle Time!

HOT TRAVEL TIP: If you time your trip to Heron Island right, you might be lucky enough to see baby turtles hatching! The best time to see the bubba turtles are January to late March.

Baby Turtle at Heron Island

Photo by @_markfitz

2. Lady Musgrave Island

Departing from 1770 every day, Lady Musgrave Cruises will deliver you to paradise. Once you arrive at the Lady Musgrave Island lagoon you can explore the island, jump on a glass bottom boat and snorkel to your heart’s content.

Lady Musgrave Island Pontoon

Snap an underwater selfie as you explore the reef!

Lady Musgrave Island Pontoon

Photo by @_markfitz

Camp on Lady Musgrave Island

Extend your day trip by pitching a tent and camping on the island for a few days. Don’t forget your snorkel gear and your camera. Read all the camping details for Lady Musgrave.

Camp on Lady Musgrave Island

Photo by @jaxonark

3. Gladstone City

Before exploring the rest of the region, get your bearings by taking a walk to Auckland and Round Hill lookouts for 360-degree views of Gladstone City.

Gladstone City at night. Photo by @insta_graham23

Gladstone at night. Photo by @insta_graham23

4. Tannum Sands

South of Gladstone is Tannum Sands, a stretch of sandy beaches perfect for swimming, sailboarding and water-skiing.

Tannum Sands

Sunset at Tannum Sands. Photo by @insta_graham23

5. Agnes Water and 1770

The seaside communities of Agnes Water and 1770 are the last stop up the coast if surfing is your thing. But surfing isn’t the only thing happening here!

Catch a sunrise

Head to the water and watch the sunrise (or the sunset if you love your sleep-ins).

Agnes Water

Photo by @_markfitz

Coastal culture at Agnes Water

Explore the coast around Agnes Water. Go for a surf, kayak or try stand up paddle boarding and walk along the coastal paths for epic views.

Surf Agnes Water

The last of the surf waves at Agnes Water and 1770. Photo by @_markfitz

Kayak into the sunset with 1770 Liquid Adventures. Photo by @insta_graham23.

Kayak into the sunset with 1770 Liquid Adventures. Photo by @insta_graham23.

Agnes Water. Photo by @insta_graham23

Agnes Water. Photo by @insta_graham23

Gone Fishing

Spend the afternoon tackling the family tradition of fishing. Here are some top fishing spots around Gladstone to try.

6. Middle Island

Jump on a 1770 Larc Tour to explore Bustard Head lighthouse and sand board down Middle Island’s sand dunes!

1770 Larc Tour in Gladstone. Photo by @elisaparkranger

The gorgeously pink Larc! Photo by @elisaparkranger

7. Sandstone Wilderness, Kroombit Tops National Park

Take a four-wheel-driving adventure through Kroombit Tops National Park to explore Gladstone’s section of the Sandstone Wilderness. This area is famous for its cliffs, gorges, waterfalls and creeks.

Kroombit Tops National Park. Photo by @insta_graham23

Boyne Valley lookout at Kroombit Tops National Park. Photo by @insta_graham23

Horse in Kroombits National Park. Photo by @insta_graham23

Wild horses use the four-wheel-drive tracks too. Photo by @insta_graham23


Be on the lookout for a range of wildlife including lizards, goannas and the Kroombit Tinker Frog. Photo by @insta_graham23

Sunset from Kroombit Tops

Take the country roads back to Gladstone from Kroombit Tops. Photo by @insta_graham23

8. Lake Awoonga

Lake Awoonga is an angler’s dream. The lake is stocked with barramundi and the fishing is great all year round! All manner of water sports are on offer, too.

Water sports on Lake Awoonga

Water sports on Lake Awoonga. Photo by @awoonga_boat_kayak_sup_hire

Lake Awoonga Boat. Photo by @la.boathire

A boat, coldie and a sunset. Perfection. Photo by @awoonga_boat_kayak_sup_hire

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Photo by @_markfitz