10 of the most extreme adventure activities in Queensland

10 of the most extreme things you can do in Queensland

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Boredom is a word no one should have in their lives. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, we understand, but there comes a point when you just need to get EXTREME.

How? By climbing tall things, leaping off tall things or just hanging out with scary things. There’s nothing boring about the next 10 adventure activities. Even reading about them is exciting!

Conquer the trail

Take two wheels, a tropical forest and some big rocks and you have a gnarly place to cut sick and go agro on some rad tricks, brah. If that lingo is too fresh for you, just know this: it’s a fantastic place to go mountain biking. The Smithfield Mountain Bike Trail Park in Cairns has beginner (little bumps) and extreme (big bumps) trails.

Rocking without the roll

Let’s get something straight – heights are scary. Some people thrive on the fear and climb rocks like spider monkeys. The Glass House Mountains attract these types in spades. If you want the adventure but don’t have the experience, then hit up Riverlife at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane for some how-to or head here.

Sun, salt and sea kayaks

Take to the sea and pack your tent because this isn’t just a half-day paddle. Salty Dog Sea Kayaking allow you to rent everything you need to take to the ocean for a week. If you’re a seasoned pro, do the Whitsundays yourself or if you’re a straight-up novice, book a guided six-day tour. Either way, get ready to paddle your arms off.

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing

AJ Hackett Helpful Sign

From zero to 120 km/h in 3.5 seconds. Nope, this isn’t a ride in a Formula One car. This is you swinging in the jungle thanks to the insane people at AJ Hackett in Cairns. The Minjin Jungle Swing lets you take two other victims with you, so you can swing in terror together. Yippee!

Stunt the day away

Do you like Die Hard? Of course you do. The Gold Coast’s Stunt Academy lets you live the dream and be a stuntman for a day. Jump off a building, drive like a boss or sword fight someone (seriously). It’s like being a ninja, marine, detective and John McClane all in one day.

Jet powered feet

Technology is catching up to your imagination and now you can fly on water, powered by water, while diving through water. Flyboard Cairns straps you onto a jet-powered board and lets you loose to do tricks, fly around, and basically be a wet version of Superman.

Skydiving with a bite

Shark Dive

Jumping out of a plane is a great way to say “shhh!” to your survival instincts. If you combine that with jumping into a tank full of sharks, you have a great way to test Darwin’s survival of the fittest idea. Thankfully, the guys at Skydive Ramblers will organise the whole death-defying day for you.

All about the G’s

Flying through the sky at 400 km/h while doing somersaults and barrel rolls is what a Qantas pilot’s worst nightmare is made of. On the Sunshine Coast there lives a group of pilots who do it every day. The Ultimate Thrill Ride is where you need to go to find out what it’s like to be a bird. A crazy fast and insane bird.

Mastering the man-made

Story Bridge Climb

Get up early so you can get down. Abseiling the Story Bridge in Brisbane is the best way to treat an amazing feat of engineering like a playground. Book an early session so you can drive to Surfers Paradise for the twilight climb of Skypoint to get higher than a kite on a windy day.

Shark paparazzi

Shark Week is probably the most exciting thing you can witness while sitting in your living room watching TV. Ever thought about the poor soul who has to film those sharks?

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions offers a Shark Shooter package where you spend either four or seven nights on board his vessel and learn how to film and photograph sharks. Food is provided, just make sure you’re not on the menu.

Do you have the need for speed? Tell us your favourite extreme activity below.