Best Queensland pubs

The great Aussie pubs bucket list

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Queensland has all the natural beauty you could ask for but on top of that, there are a few man-made beauties that can’t be missed either. We call them pubs.

We know a thing or two about these establishments, having brought you seven of the best Southern Queensland Country pubs and a pub crawl in BrisVegas entirely by CityCat, which gives us good drinking credentials to wrap up the best Queensland pubs.

Don’t be scared to add to the list because we’re sure we missed a few!

Apollonian Hotel

This pub on the Sunshine Coast was built in the middle of a gold rush and somehow manages to transport you back there, but instead of getting gold you get a spit roast every Sunday. Fair trade.

Blue Heeler Hotel

In Kynuna the brolgas literally walk right into the bar and say “g’day”. Thats a pretty good start for a true Aussie pub.

Rudd’s Pub

Rudds Pubb

Photo by Lee Mylne

Memorabilia adorns the walls here and for good reason – this is the pub where Dad and Dave (Aussie folklore icons from way back) came to life on the pages of On Our Selection, thanks to Steele Rudd and a few pints.

Rainbow Beach Hotel

This pub is one of the last places to serve beer from a wooden cask and it happens to be on the doorstep of the beaches and dingoes of Fraser Island.

In case you need more convincing, check out this local’s guide to Rainbow Beach.

The Farmers Arms Tavern

This watering hole in Cabarlah has the accolade of the longest licensed pub in Queensland and offers up a mixed grill, which includes a T-bone steak, pork chop,  thick English sausage, bacon, chips, fried egg, grilled tomato, gravy and veggies. Maybe the pub has been licensed so long because people haven’t finished eating yet? Epic.

The Nindigully Pub

Nindigully Pub

The Nindigully’s ‘Road Hog’ burger weighs 14 kilograms and feeds up to 15 people. If thats too big and you want one to yourself, just get the smaller ‘Road Train’ – it’s only 5.5 kilograms.

Imperial Hotel

The gold rush brought with it lots of money and when you visit Ravenswood you’ll see this pub is where most of it was spent. Yeah, it’s pretty nice.

Court House Hotel

Port Douglas is in no shortage of places to relax but the Court House Hotel takes all the reasons you go to Tropical North Queensland and puts them in one place. Beer, sunsets and great live music. Woo hoo!

Regatta Hotel

Regatta Hotel

Photo by @regattahotel

The grand old Regatta is Heritage listed and a great part of Brisbane’s history. It’s over 140 years old so you can rest assured the beer is good and so is the food. If you feel like getting hip, there is a whisky bar in the basement named The Walrus Club. Get an Old Fashioned and forget your worries.

P.S. Did you know you can pub crawl this one by CityCat?

The Spotted Cow

This Toowoomba pub has over 70 beers available but you won’t even notice because the mussels come in one-kilogram pots and are some of the world’s best. Dig in.

Great Western Hotel

Welcome to Rocky where there’s a indoor rodeo arena in the pub and the place is filled with cowboys. Not fake ones, either. These guys have belt buckles bigger than your head.

The Birdsville Hotel

Birdsville Hotel

If you’re going to the Birdsville Races then this pub needs no introduction – in fact it takes out poll position in this Birdsville trifecta. The Birdsville Pub feels like it found you and not the other way around. You’re meant to be here, as long as you can hold a pint and a bit of a tune. Liquids are hard to come by in the outback so drink up and be merry.

The London Club

The London Club in Teneriffe is like walking into a gentlemen’s club but instead of just old-man scotch and smoking pipes you get a drinks menu longer than a hipster’s moustache and a chess board. Fancy.

Lion’s Den Hotel

Lions Den Hotel, Cooktown

The Lion’s Den has preserved snakes and spiders in glass jars and it’s in the middle of nowhere on the Bloomfield Track, en route to Cooktown. Don’t worry, it has lots of beer and friendly staff. Just watch what glass you pick up. You wouldn’t want to drink a snake.

The Crown Hotel

Just 45 minutes outside of Brisbane in Dayboro is a pub that even makes the hardest of bikies soften up for shandy.

Thirsty for more? Check out these pubs around Brisbane and Gold Coast:

Reckon we’ve missed any? What other pubs should make the list?

  • The Lion’s Den is my ‘local’. However, it is 35km to get there from down the bottom of the range in Bloomfield.

    • Right on, Gryphonn! What’s your favourite thing about your local?