How to take the best Aussie animal selfies

The best selfies in Queensland usually involve one of our adorable Aussie critters. Whether it’s a koala cuddling session or a kangaroo feeding moment, nothing compares to great animal selfies. Here are some of our fan photos of animal selfies that were posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that give Ellen and her ‘best selfie’ a run for its money.

Tip #1:

Check out one of the local animal sanctuaries that let you feed the kangaroos and get close enough for a cuddle with several other Insta-stars.

Best spots: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Australia Zoo, Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary and Maleny Botanic Gardens.

Animal Selfie via IG @nzinza

Via IG @nzinza

 Tip #2:

Smiling is sooooo 2012. Make a silly face – these make waaaay better selfies anyway.

Animal Selfie koalaselfie

Via IG @__my___

Animal Selfie Via IG @fabjoe01

Via IG @fabjoe01

Tip #3:

Find the most hilarious, unique animals at the park to be in your selfie. Like Rusty, the hipster llama or maybe a goat with a crazy beard.

Animal Selfie Via FB - Keltie Angus Steenbergen

Via FB – Keltie Angus Steenbergen

Tip #4:

Always take an underwater camera when going scuba diving or snorkelling. There’s no better selfie than a turtle selfie.

Tip #5:

Don’t be ashamed. Have a ‘selfie stick’ on hand to lengthen your arm for the best quality selfies.

Tip #6:

Be quick! Some animals don’t hang around too long so get your smartphone ready and catch birds and butterflies when you can!

Tip #7

Make it look like the animal is taking the selfie!

Tip #8

… and last of all, HAVE FUN!

Animal Selfie aus zoo - @charllyr

Via IG @charllyr

Have you got an animal selfie that can top these? Tag #thisisqueensland or include a link to it in the comments below!