Swimming with an Aussie icon – the platypus

Sure. We’ve all seen our mate’s brag-worthy pics of them swimming with dolphins, whales and even sharks. But what if I told you I could just about guarantee none of your friends can claim the glory of swimming with an ornithorhynchus anatinus… or in normal talk, the platypus.

In Mackay, in the cute little inland town of Finch Hatton is a lady by the name of Luana Royle. She’s well-loved and well-known for her passion and love for platypuses (yes, platypuses is the correct term). More importantly, Luana is offering budding adventurers the chance to be the first in the world to scuba dive with platypuses. Yep, that’s right folks, Rainforest Scuba is the only place on earth where you have the chance to swim with these little Aussie icons.

Platypus in Eungella National Park, Mackay

Platypus mecca: One of the three platypuses we spotted from the dedicated platypus viewing platforms in Eungella National Park. Photo by @Jewelszee.

Finch Hatton and Eungella National Park, 90 minutes west of Mackay, is becoming known as the best place in the world to spot platypuses. The crystal clear waters and dedicated viewing platforms give you the easiest and best chance to spot the buggers without the need to get your feet wet. I spied three platypuses from the one viewing platform one afternoon, in the space of 10 minutes. Awesome!

I jumped at the chance throw on a wetsuit in the middle of a forest to try my luck at coming face-to-face with a platypus.

Unpacking in the forrest

Calm waters: No need to worry about getting seasick when you’re throwing on wetsuits and scuba gear from the back of a ute in a forest.

In we go. Platypus waters

Salt free: There are no worries of sharks when you’re scuba diving in fresh water that’s home to platypuses, turtles and fish.

Platypus on the Australian 20 cent coin.

Luck of a coin: Being a wildlife experience you can never guarantee you’ll see a platypus and unfortunately on our scuba dive we didn’t spot one. Did we mention the platypus is found on the Australian 20-cent coin? So flip a coin and try your luck!

Inflatable Platypus... the stuff of dreams.

Token platypus pic: We may have missed spotting a platypus during our scuba, but luckily we had a model stand-in.

Platypus platter from Coffee Devine.

Platypus pastie: Missed spotting one during your visit? Get your revenge on the sometimes shy little buggers and eat one at Coffee Devine. *Don’t panic, it’s not made from platypus.

Would you dive with the platypuses?