This six-year-old surfer girl will blow your mind [video]

Quincy Symonds aka ‘The Flying Squirrel’ is quite possibly the world’s best six-year-old surfer and skateboarder. She only started surfing 18 months ago but is already ripping it up with some of the best kids around.

She can be found at the Snapper Rocks surf break on the Gold Coast riding waves well above her head. She has already gained multiple sponsors and has over 4,000 Instagram followers

Making her growing list of accomplishments all the more impressive, Quincy has had an incredibly tough road dealing with medical issues since she was born. She was diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, which is a genetic disorder that affects her body’s ability to create cortisone.

We are incredibly proud of this little ripper and will be watching closely to see what come next!

She will be speaking at TEDx Brisbane on October 5th for those lucky enough to have tickets. You can follow The Flying Squirrel on Instagram here and read more about her story on ABC Open.