6 of the best coffee shops near Surfers Paradise

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If you find yourself flatlining on the Gold Coast, it’s likely you’re in need of a beasty brew. Get your caffeine fix from one of these six coffee gods, all within walking distance of the Surfers Paradise sign.

1. Lot 1 Coffee

Photo by Lot 1 Coffee

Photo by Lot 1 Coffee

Want a dash of irony with your coffee? Then head to Lot 1, a cool little café two blocks south of the Surfers Paradise sign. A life-sized statue of Mr Bean, aka Rowan Atkinson, greets you on the outside, while Gary Atkinson, the chief bean brewer, serves you on the inside. This former Singapore Airlines pilot – who looks nothing like the TV star – has landed a new career dishing up coffee made on Arabica beans with five per cent Robusta “for added morning punch”. Pair your morning fix with one of the big flavoured cakes made on site by Gary’s wife.

2. ESPL. Coffee Brewers

Photo by ESPL

Slurp up the million-dollar views with your macchiato at ESPL Coffee Brewers, an elegant hole-in-the-wall cafe at the base of Peppers Soul Surfers Paradise just footsteps from the sands of Surfers Paradise beach.  Pair your beans with a hand-rolled French almond croissant baked a little more than an aromatic sniff away on the Isle of Capri.  If you want an afternoon treat or a reason to slow down and tune in to the megastar surroundings, this place is for you.

3. Stairwell Coffee

Photo by Stairwell Coffee

Photo by Stairwell Coffee

If it wasn’t for the Granny Smith green façade, you could so easily miss this place as you hot foot it through Asian Alley (so named for all the cheap and tasty Asian eateries along the way) to Orchid Avenue. Stairwell is not much bigger than a cubby house but it shares two winning elements with our shortlist: it serves up a wicked locally-roasted  blend, Windomal, and it pipes out soulful tunes alongside bootleg jazz. There’s not a wave in sight, but this is a great spot to go – especially if you’re chasing a bit of quiet time.

4. no name lane

Photo by No Name Lane

Photo by no name lane

Okay, so it’s is a bit of a hike from Surfers Paradise, but at three kilometres south of the Gold Coast icon, we think the “drug” dished up here is worth the walk. no name lane is in the middle of a bustling foodie precinct under the shadows of the Oracle towers at Broadbeach. The service here is whiplash fast and friendly and the Black Sheep bean coffee is extracted smooth and strong. One of our faves.

5. Elk Espresso

Photo by Elk Espresso

Photo by Elk Espresso

It might not look like much from the outside, but the proof is in the cappuccino at Elk Espresso, tucked away on the northern end of Broadbeach. While it’s set in an unremarkable ’70s brick block, the interior of the café is far from forgettable with its Gold Coast meets vintage industrial feel – the perfect spot to flick through a paper and watch life go by. Lying perpendicular to the beach, a lucky few can sight the surf line while sipping on their brew.

6.  Beaches off Tedder

Best coffee shops in surfers paradise_main beach (2)Looking for a perky pitstop on your beachfront walk? Don’t go west, young man, head north, to Main Beach and Beaches off Tedder Avenue. Serving up Brisbane’s own Merlo coffee, this corner store with access to Main Beach and all those happy fit surfers opens from 6.30am, giving early birds a much-needed fix.

Where do you like to go for your coffee fix?