The best of Queensland 2014 (so far)

What’s been trending on the Queensland blog during the first half of 2014? Here are the Top 20 blog posts that you’re reading, clicking and loving (just in case you missed ’em)!

1. 5 Gold Coast restaurants you can’t miss
Forget the theme parks – food is at the front of everyone’s mind when visiting the Gold Coast.

2. How to create an epic GoPro timelapse + 3. How to create stunning GoPro slow-motion sequences
Want to get the most out of your 2.4” piece of moving-making power? These posts will help you out.

4. Secret beaches on the Sunshine Coast (shhhh don’t tell!)
How many have you ‘discovered’?

5. This is my paradise
Some people have the life! Warning: Massive envy lies within this post.

6. How to use your GoPro underwater
See also number 2 & 3. Then take it beneath the waves.

7. Kate & Will’s Royal Day Out in Queensland
Taking all the seriousness out of the royals visit earlier this year.

8. Queensland’s 10 best waterfalls
Get under one of these beauties asap.

9. 10 best snorkelling sites in Queensland
Your best chance of meeting Nemo in real life.

10. Queensland weddings: 15 spots to tie the knot
Whether you’re thinking beach, bush or ballroom, this list will help to get the planning started.

11. 5 more Gold Coast restaurants you can’t miss
See also number 1. Mmmm, more food.

12. 41 Australian travel blogs and bloggers to follow
The ultimate list for hours of procrastination, wanderlust and ‘serious research’ for your next trip.

13. 8 remote camping spots you should visit today
Forget the holiday parks and go off-road on your next camping trip.

14. 50 first dates in Brisbane
Desperately seeking a (non-lame) date idea for your Romeo or Juliet? Start here.

15. 11 new Brisbane bars
Say cheers to these top watering holes.

16. 22 surreal scenes from the Great Barrier Reef
Amazing photography from Matador Network’s Scott Sporleder.

17. 10 best public golf courses in Queensland
Pop on your plaid and get ready to tee off at one of these ridiculously attractive courses.

18. 4 awesome outback road trips
Where to go, what to do and why you should go west pronto!

19. 11 sites you have to dive before you die
Whether you’re a dive enthusiast or total beginner, save this list and start ticking them off now.

20. The ultimate Top 10 list of Queensland experiences
As good a place to start as any! How many can you say you’ve done?

What’s been your favourite post from the past six months?

*Feature image: Shutterstock