Celebrate ski season, Queensland style

With sunny days, clear nights and temperatures that stay well above freezing, winter is all kinds of awesome in Queensland. No need for a fire – a pair of ugg boots and a hoodie will do just fine.

But if you find yourself dreaming of snowfields and thermal underwear, here are a few activities to channel a ski season in Queensland.

Sandboarding on Moreton Island

Sandboarding at Moreton Island

Haven’t you heard? Sand is the new snow and there’s a whole lot of it ‘round these parts.

Hit the slopes at Moreton Island for a spot of snowboarding with a sandy twist. And by sandy twist, we mean jumping on a thin piece of wood and hurtling down the dunes at great speed. Nothing says winter in Queensland like a killer adrenaline rush and a nose full of sand, right?

Snow between your toes at Whitehaven

Whitehaven Beach, The Whitsundays

Okay, it’s not actual snow, but its white, soft and feels super cool underfoot. Plus, there’s no threat of frostbite.

Whitehaven Beach is the closest thing we’ve got to real snow. The pure white sand on this slice of Whitsunday paradise is a sight worth seeing/feeling. And the best thing about this pretend snow field? It’s a comfortable 27 degrees… in the middle of winter!

Sand angels on the beach

Snow angels, Queensland-style

Say goodbye to snow angel-induced pneumonia, here in Queensland we can angel ‘til the cows come home without getting cold. In fact, we wear bikinis and sunscreen while we make our angels. Sand angels, that is. Just pick a beach (you’re spoilt for choice) and go for it.

Ride the gondola (Kuranda Skyrail)

Skyrail Gondola, Kuranda

Snowy peaks and icy slopes… will be nowhere in sight as you glide over 7.5 kilometres of glorious rainforest on Tropical North Queensland’s picturesque gondola. Journey through the trees and enjoy the warmth in your luxury glass cabin for six. Ski boots and thermals? Ha! More like flip-flops and a raincoat.

Après action

Chalet Bar, Spring Hill

After a long day on the sandy slopes (and a quick shower to dislodge the sand), slide into the Chalet Bar in Brisbane for a tasty belly warmer by the quaint stone fireplace. Throw in some dim lighting, Chesterfield couches and you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the French Alps. Just face away from the windows.

Sound like your kind of ski season?