Is Eat Street Northshore the best place to eat in Brisbane?

Every Friday come 4pm, a hungry calvacade makes its way north. Escaping the city clutches, office buildings cleared out, the roads fill up as locals in the know make their way to an old abandoned docking site in Hamilton.

As you approach, it looks like a carnival – is the circus in town? – but as you spot the shipping container at the entranceway, emblazoned with giant, lit-up lettering, spelling “Eat” – it’s clear what we’re all here for.

Eat Street Northshore have been the hottest foodie destination in Brisbane since launching last November and with numbers not showing any signs of slowing down, the Friday and Saturday night ritual has now been extended to open Sundays from 11am-7pm.

The concept is pretty simple: 80+ shipping containers fitted out into food stalls serving up everything from pork belly dumplings to paleo chocolates, woodfired pizza from Banneton Bakery to Korean sliders, Lindt chocolate quesadillas (yes, really!) to honey puffs and halloumi, gözleme… well, the list almost never ends! But the vibe is electric – all the buzz of an Asian night market with live music to boot, just 10 minutes from the city.

The dishes being served up by the stalls hail from Japan, India, Nepal, Korea, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Vietnam and beyond and with cocktail, craft beer and wine bars scattered throughout it’s a genius dining option for groups who can’t decide what they feel like… or if you’ve got a mixed bag of dietary requirements, or want an excuse to eat four different dinners. And desserts.

The sneaky shipping containers seem to multiply every time you visit, with art, homewares, flowers, produce and clothing stalls sprouting up in between the live music and must-visit cronut Kombi, so you can get your kombucha and a new floor rug ‘to go’. Still, the lines never seem to get any shorter for Miss Claude’s Crepes!

PS. There is now a $2 per person entry fee. Some stalls take cash only (though most accept card payment) but there are plenty of ATMs on site if you don’t mind lining up.

Have you been to Eat Street Northshore? What’s your favourite stall?