10 costumes that outperform anything seen at Eurovision

Europop! Pffft. Who needs an annual singing event when Queensland offers a year-round line-up of festivals that have locals dipping into their dress-up boxes to out-sing, outshine and outperform anything seen on the Eurovision stage.

Trade the stage lights for sunlight and dive into these Top 10 places where Queenslanders showcase their own vision.

Viking alert! Just like those crazy Scandies, this bloke has raided, traded and explored, only this time ’round it’s his daughter’s dress-up box to find the appropriate outfit for Chinchilla’s mad cap Melon Festival. His weapon of choice? Why a two-toned tutu and a watermelon helmet, of course. Gives Jessica Mauboy’s gold gown a run for it’s money, no?

We blame the beer for creating this messy collision between Rocky Horror and the Knights Templar at the World’s Greatest Pub Fest in Maryborough. Every June, thousands costume up and congregate around the bars and under the shady verandahs of the heritage pubs in one of Queensland’s most historic towns.

Just because the dirndl was designed for damsels in the thick of a Bavarian forest, doesn’t stop the folk in Outback Queensland from embracing the flirty frills at the Jundah Oktoberfest in October.

Tatt’s not a bird. Tatt’s not a plane. Tatt’s the folk at the Birdsville Races, an annual horse race that sees the hottest town in Australia swell from just 102 residents to more than 6,000. And it’s clear that when the mercury goes high, the weird, the wonderful, and the just plain wrong come out to play.

And you thought Europe owned the medieval times. Not so. Forty-five minutes north of Brisbane, the annual Abbey Medieval Festival (held in November) is a rally cry for modern gypsies and damsels to cobble a few colourful rags together and create middle age regalia.

You can never have enough cows in the country. This dude is taking the onesie to the platform at Groovin’ the Moo.

Go on. Admit it. There’s a point in everyone’s life where a white satin jumpsuit, a pop of sequins and a low slung tassle needs to come out. That point is either at Eurovision or at the Viva Surfers Paradise where the best lycra impression of Elvis wins hands down.

We have a rule in Queensland. No kooky behaviour until you are at least 10 years old. Hence these young fellas have turned to costuming a tree at the Warwick Jumpers and Jazz Festival.

When the temperatures get above 40 degrees Celsius you can’t blame those rugged blokes west of the Great Dividing Range for thinking their mates are beer fairies.

Watching the glitz and glam of Eurovision can bring on a big thirst and hunger. The monsters at Draculas not only sing and dance, but the devilish little buggers even include a delicious meal. Chocolate coffin anyone?