This is my paradise [video]

Belinda Carlisle may have sung about heaven being a place on earth but in Tropical North Queensland, the locals have heaven in their backyards. And they could sing its praises for longer than Belinda’s singing career total.

In a new promotion aptly tagged #thisismyparadise, three locals have revealed their stories of growing up in paradise.

1. Glen Jacobs

Glen is a real-life trail-blazer. Building trails for hikers and mountain bikers is his bag, but it’s the epic natural rainforest surroundings that he says makes where he works, his paradise.

2. Ross Miller

Ross has been flying through paradise since he was five years old. As a hang glider, he gets to live out his dreams of flying whenever the wind will carry him, swooping and soaring over the beautiful coastline south of Port Douglas.

3. Nikki Rumney

Not many kids can say they grew up on the Great Barrier Reef, literally. Nikki’s childhood playground was at sea, learning to swim with dwarf minke whales before she could walk. She’s been helping dad John with his scientific marine expeditions and free diving on the reef ever since.

So, who would you choose to trade some time with?