Kate & Will’s Royal Day Out in Queensland [gallery]

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Two royals. 48 hours. One great big (seriously awesome) state.

It’s no surprise Australia is abuzz with paparazzi snaps and news, following Will and Kate’s every move during their visit.

Official ‘royal’ duties aside, we’ve put together a fleeting tour of Queensland to give this down-to-earth duo a sample of our state’s scariest, highest, fluffiest, coolest and tastiest tourist attractions.

What else do you think the royal couple should do while they’re here?

*This post contains highly-obvious photo editing and tongue-in-cheek playfulness and is in no way associated with the royal family. Photography: Shutterstock

  • millionmike

    Are you completely serious?! These are all photoshopped!

  • Aaron J. Smith

    The Giant Drop is now the 3rd highest drop ride in the World after Zumanjaro and Lex Luthor Drop Of Doom.