You know you’re an Aussie (or honorary Aussie) when…

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You know you’re a True Blue Aussie when you can tick all 13 of these off the list.

1. You know a Twistie is more than something to keep your hair up.
2. You’ve mastered the art of the Tim Tam slam (and can show your mates back home).
3. You have a preferred sequence of eating a Caramello Koala (hint: start at the knees, please).
4. You are gutted if there’s no beetroot on your burger.
5. The only place you want to see Snakes Alive is in your mouth.
6. After a big night out you desperately want vegemite on toast.
7. You will take on any Kiwi who claims the Pav came from there (and you know what a Pav is).
8. A ripe cherry does not necessarily come from a tree. But it tastes just as good.
9. Before you chomp on an ANZAC bikkie, you salute our diggers.
10. A snag does not mean you’ve hit a glitch.
11. You know ACDC’s hit song “It’s a long way to the top” was really about a sausage roll.
12. A “dog’s eye” – preferably with mushy peas – is a mandatory dish at any sporting match.
13. You think paying $36 for a bug is reasonable if it comes from Moreton Bay.

So, did you make the cut?