A chocoholic’s guide to Brisbane

I think I may have a problem.

When my family began to hide even the cooking chocolate, I realised I don’t just like chocolate, or even love it. I’m borderline obsessed. Ladies and gentleman, I’m what you’d call the Robert Downey Jnr of the chocolate world.

But having a taste for the finer things in life can be tough when the office charity chocolate box is the only thing on offer. Some days, a Freddo just isn’t going to cut it.

Luckily the Brisbane CBD has become a mecca for the chocolate connoisseur, so I feel it’s my duty to share the sweetest spots for when you’re craving a hit.

Blue-blooded bliss

Monty’s Chocolates
288 Edward Street, Brisbane City

I’m in heaven, surrounded by slabs of the finest French milk chocolate I’ll ever taste, German chocolate chock full of fruit and even the royal family’s own chocolate brand, Charbonnel & Walker.

Yes, I eat like a Queen at Monty’s Chocolates.

If you’ve got a particularly wicked sweet tooth like me, sink your teeth into 70-per-cent dark chocolate balls filled with liquid salted caramel. Commissioned by Gordon Ramsey for his Mayfair restaurant, these are no ordinary sweets.

Locavore Lovin’

Fresh from the Noosa Chocolate Factory & The Dark Chocolatier
144 Adelaide Street & 156 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City

Forget Willy Wonka, Queensland has its own chocolate factory pumping out the sweet stuff. Brisbane has been blessed with not one, but two stores from Noosa Chocolate Factory – Fresh from the Noosa Chocolate Factory & The Dark Chocolatier.

Sticking to healthy intentions is easy if you hone in on the nutrient-dense inca berries, goji berries, cranberries, blueberries, macadamias and hazelnuts (covered in delicious chocolate, of course) at Fresh from the Noosa Chocolate Factory.

When I need a bit of an extra kick with my chocolate fix, I make a beeline for The Dark Chocolatier, which serves up coffee equally as delicious as the slabs of dark chocolate piled around the store.

Essential chocoholic life skills

Chocolate Moments
117 Albert Street, Adelaide Street & The Myer Centre, Brisbane City

There’s something more honourable about eating chocolate I’ve tempered myself, isn’t there? At Chocolate Moments I earn my chocoholic stripes and learn about the history of chocolate, how to temper it, create a rich ganache filling and decorate my decadent treats in a three-hour chocolate cooking experience. (And I need no help eating my finished products.)

Brisbane’s only resident Belgian chocolatier, Dieter, crafts artisanal chocolate creations ranging from cute couverture guitars to dark champagne liqueur truffles at their three CBD stores.

The flavours of Australia

Mayfield Chocolates
155 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill

Mayfield Chocolates enjoy spoiling us silly with exciting chocolate flavours, many of them a world first.

The adventurous chocolate fiend can take a walk on the wild side with beaut Native Australian flavours including wattleseed in white chocolate ganache, a rich slab of chocolate macadamia and Kakadu plum jelly.

Parlour Power

Chocolate to Die For
214 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City

I thought I’d seen it all until I discovered Chocolate to Die For, a chocolate store that will incite cravings in even the most reformed chocolate addict.

Explore a world of chocolate, with chef Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s cooking cacao from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Peru, the spicy kick of tabasco chilli chocolate and indulgent Kahlua-flavoured body chocolate just to name a few.

Can’t wait till dessert?

El Torito

146 Boundary St, West End

Sometimes when the craving hits, I just can’t wait for a fix. There’s an answer to serious chocolate withdrawals, and it is chicken. Yes, really.

Sneak some chocolate into your chicken with Mole Poblano at El Torito. Warm, gooey chocolate sauce is the perfect match to this wicked chicken dish.

The late night lifesaver

Dello Mano
29 Doggett Street, Teneriffe

Every Friday and Saturday night, chocolate addicts can get their fix at Dello Mano’s After Dark evenings. Choose from three martini options from their choctail menu; with white chocolate, a shot of espresso or a secret Dello Mano twist.

Just like a good cheese goes with fine wine, Dello Mano’s decadent brownies, chocolate puddings and white chocolate panna cotta match perfectly with a choctail.

Where do you go to get your chocolate fix?