6 dog-friendly cafés that aren’t to be barked at

Excuse me for a second while I brag about my man: tanned, brown eyes, muscular build and if I’m honest, a bit of a silver fox.

We’re madly in love but the problem is, until recently, we couldn’t dine out together because he has four legs, fur and a penchant for lifting his leg on trees.

Thankfully a new carnivorous dining scene is marking its territory (not you, Paleo), and it’s four-paw approved and fur friendly. Step out with your best friend with our round-up of dog-friendly cafés:

1. Our Haus

Set in bustling Hawthorne, Our Haus is a popular haunt and Saturday morning ritual for Brisbaneites and their furry friends. Even my poorly-behaved bundle of barking fur can be silenced with a lactose-free puppycino, served in a bowl and topped with liver (i.e. dog-friendly sprinkles). One buys enough time to enjoy a big breakfast and flick through the paper, while your other half sits patiently panting.

2. Canine Comfort

This slice of doggie heaven takes pet-friendly dining to the next level. After a wander through the Canine Comfort dog boutique, rest your paws with a cappuccino, while your beau chows into a Muttley Muffin – a sumptuous blend of sausage meat, sweet potato and biscuit bones.

The in-house catering service even throws doggie birthday parties, and with seven dog years to celebrate in one, why not do it in style? Parties are set in a fenced, grassy lawn where canine guests tug at bone bonbons, share biscuit birthday cake and wash down the excitement with Pawrex – a dogs-only, beef-flavoured (non-alcoholic) beer.

Birthday cake at Canine Comfort

3. Saabi on Manson

Saabi on Manson gives both owners and pooches something to drool over with its fresh breakfasts and generous servings. While masters warm up in the winter sun with free-range eggs and double-smoked bacon, the canine social scene fires up in the shady, grassed doggie area. Much to the owner’s relief (and hound’s disappointment), a mobile hydro bath passes through every Saturday morning to dip dirty dogs.

4. The Velo Project

The Dogue Menu at The Velo Project gets tails wagging all-round with its exclusive list of dishes that can be shared by humans and hounds. With pet-friendly treats like doggie doughnuts, doggy screams (ice cream cone dog cookies) and poochy chinos (milky treats topped with kangaroo liver sprinkles), this café ensures four-legged friends don’t miss out on any of the fine dining action.

5. Yatala Drive-In

High tail it to the Yatala Drive-In to swap the hi-fi cinema experience for an authentic 1950s date night. It’s not a café in the traditional sense, but here you can take pooch and tuck into buttered popcorn and choc tops (not for him though) from the diner, while enjoying a Saturday night out with the latest flicks. Pack the pillows, put on a fetching dog coat and snuggle up under a blanket for quality time together.

6. Health Licks

Go coastal and unleash the hounds at Health Licks in Airlie Beach. This healthy living café hosts its own ‘K9-Club’ which meets every Saturday at 10.30am. While owners enjoy the organic menu, furry friends happily play in the doggie area in front of the café. With evening events held once a month, pets can share a bit of nightlife in the Whitsundays. Now, there’s something to bark home about.


Where do you like to dine with your furry friends?

Images supplied by The Velo Project except for the second image by Canine Comforts.