41 Australian travel blogs and bloggers to follow in 2013

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While some of us spend our lives living vicariously through others, some put it all on the line, sell their stuff and devote an entire life or parts of it to life on the road.

It’s hard to pin travellers down to a single location, but we’ve done our best to track down the best bloggers to follow for up-to-date travel information, tips and inspiration from Australia.

All the bloggers on this list are at the time of writing either:

  • living in Australia;
  • writing about Australia exclusively or;
  • providing a valuable resource for people visiting Australia.

Disclaimer: By nature, the people on this list are a fleeting bunch so don’t be surprised if you’ve landed on this story 3 months down the track to see some of them in a completely different location. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles in this business.

So, without further ado, here are 41 travel blogs to follow this year:

1. A Taste of Travel

Perth-based self-confessed foodie and hotel buff Jennie Friedman serves stories from near and far to hungry readers.

2. Aussie on the Road

Wish there was an alternative to the 9-5 grind? Covering everything from insider tips to world metropolises to what it feels like being aimed at by a North Korean sniper, this Aussie expat shows you how it’s done.

3. Betty Loves Blogging

Ashlee like many others on this list has traded  the New South Wales countryside for a life of wandering and storytelling. Features brilliant photos and stories from Indonesia mostly, but as she puts it, she’s “all over the place” so that might change.

4. Bitten by the Travel Bug

One girl’s journey around the world in search of adventure, culture and just a little bit of luxury. Written by an Adelaide girl who shares her year between London and Melbourne. Writes mostly about solo travel, culture and adventure.

5. Bubs on the Move

Looking out for ankle biters while you’re on the move can be stressful. This blog covers travel tips and ideas for families travelling with small kids with a focus on far north Queensland.

6. Clarence Valley Today

A daily photo blog about life in northern New South Wales.

7. Disarm Doors and Crosscheck

The witty musings of a travel industry professional turned travel blogger. The writing is strong enough to present a convincing argument to visit Canberra, which in most Aussies eyes would be a merit by itself.

8. Don’t Ever Look Back

Travel blog written by Amy and Kieron, a couple in their twenties sharing their adventures from around the world. Good posts about trip planning and how to save for your next trip.

9. Emerald City to Oz

A guide for expats looking to relocate to Sydney written by two Americans who can’t get enough of the Aussie lifestyle.

10. Fat Mum Slim

Not a travel blog in the traditional sense, but Chantelle’s Instagram photos are good enough to make you want to explore Australia more than once.

11. Gary Pepper Girl

Like the previous blog, Gary Pepper is not a travel blog, but a photo blog with a fashion/travel slant. Check out her beautiful photos from Lady Elliot Island here.

12. Going Anyway

The inspirational story of an Australian family with five kids and a wheelchair defying all odds to satisfy a never-ending wanderlust.

13. Hiking in Heels

The travelogue of a 20-something college graduate aiming to become a resource to girls who are equally stylish and adventurous.

14. Housesitting in Australia

A blog (and book) about living large on a tiny budget. Nikki has been motorbiking around the Australian east coast for two years and collected enough material to keep any volunteer squatter occupied for years.

15. In Search of a Life Less Ordinary

Posts about the good, the bad and the ugly side of expat life by a Sydney-based British writer. Won Australian Travel Blog of the year award in 2012.

16. Indie Travel Podcast

Stories, tips and practical advice from the road aimed at backpackers, expats, digital nomads and career breakers. Lonely Planet has called it the best travel podcast on the web, so you would probably like it too.

17. Little Grey Box

Food, travel and life musings from one of Brisbane’s up-and-coming stars. Part of the Brisbane Times Blog Army network and a regular contributor to Urbanspoon.

18. Live Travel Blog

Another Aussie who left the lucky country behind to see if the land of opportunity is just that. Currently blogging from her new home in Orlando, Florida.

19. New Life on the Road

The Woody family sold their stuff, bought a motorhome on eBay and set off to see Australia. This is their story.

20. Our Oyster

Globetrotting Canadian currently making her way through Australia.

21. Paying Ready Attention

Photos and words from a Melbourne-based UK expat with a love for nature and birdlife.

22. Perth Daily Photo

Visual treats from the world’s most isolated city.

23. Positive World Travel

The adventures of an Australian couple who decided to swap jobs and a mortgage for a life on the road.

24. Pretraveller

Aussie travel blog written by an aeronautical engineer turned blogger wishing to share ways to help people travel with confidence.

25. Red Nomad Oz

Well-established Australian travel blog with a wealth of nature photos, inspirational stories and practical information.

26. Rocky Travel

Excellent resource for people who want to travel Australia independently without spending a fortune. Written by an Italian who gave up corporate life for a road less travelled.

27. Sharkaroo

A collection of travel blogs, photos and musings by a couple travelling Australia in an elderly Troopy “Bushcamper” in search of a spot to call home.

28. SheGoes

A go-to resource for daydreaming travellers looking for travel inspiration, reviews and recommendations from fellow travellers.

29. Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel

Travel tips and reviews for family travellers from a former BBC journalist turned Sydney sider.

30. The Aussie Nomad

Worldwide travel tips, thoughts and photos from a wandering Aussie who has found fulfilment on the road.

31. The Dropout Diaries

Have you ever wondered what happens if you quit your career? This is the musings of an ex-career girl who packed up and left the rat race for a life in Asia.

32. The Fearful Adventurer

Beautifully designed blog by a Melbourne girl sharing her love for art, travel, adventure and photography.

33. The Life That Broke

Former Jersey Shore girl with a knack for wordslinging (yup, you read that right) and sharing her love for travel with the world.

34. The Road to Anywhere

Brisbane-based self-confessed travelholic Dean writes about travel and photography from his trips around the world.

35. The Travel Tart

Covers the weird, bizarre and less serious side of travel. Not a blog for serious, introspective, yoga mat-wielding soul searchers.

36. Travel Outback Australia

A huge resource for people looking to travel to Australia’s Red Centre. Written by two Alice Springs locals with years of experience trawling the area.

37. World Travel Family

A Port Douglas family with itchy feet share their travel experience with like-minded readers. Written by a British ex-medical scientist turned Australian expat.

38. Y Travel Blog

Looking at this massive online travel resource, you wouldn’t think it’s the handiwork of a normal Aussie couple with a love for travel. The only reason this blog is towards the end of our list is alphabetical.

39. ZigaZag

If you’re looking to visit Western Australia, this blog has the low-down on wining, dining and reclining on the opposite side of our continent.

40. Get in the hotspot

Travel stories and inspiration by a Sunshine Coast-based writer who designed her life around travel.

41. Little Aussie Travellers

Australia’s most adventurous family shares tips, advice and guides for exploring our lucky country.

Did we miss anyone? Tell us about your favourite travel blogs in the comments!

Cover photo courtesy of Jamiesrabbits on Flickr

  • Kirsty McGregor

    The Frog Blog is written by two ex professional overland tour leaders. It is a fun and informative blog offering advice to those travelling with a group. It’s off-the-wall humor and real life anecdotes from their time working on the road in six continents is sure to amuse and inspire in equal amounts. Kirsty is a Queenslander and is finally dragging English Andy home to Australia this year. http://bit.ly/BlackFrogBlog

    • Thanks for the heads up Kirsty, we’ll look into it 🙂

    • +1

      • It’s hard to pin travellers down to a single location, but we’ve done our best to track down the best bloggers to follow for up-to-date travel information, tips and inspiration from Australia.

  • Aw! Thank you so much for including me in this list with other amazing Aussie bloggers!

    Another Aussie blog I’m really getting into is Barefoot Beach Blonde (http://www.barefootbeachblonde.com/) by Oceana. Great reads about her Australian and Asian adventures. =)

  • Seana Smith

    Hello there, thanks so much for including me. My blog is called ‘Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel’ and I’d love it if you could change from ‘Sydney With Kids’ as there’s a different website of that name. Many thanks for including. Now I am off to check out all the other blogs! Happy travelling.

  • You missed one of my huge favourites, Brooke vs the World http://brookevstheworld.com she also writes her packing list which is awesome too http://herpackinglist.com

  • No worries 🙂

  • Thanks for the great read and for including us 🙂

  • Cheers for the mention Emanuel – Craig @ yTravelBlog

  • hotel near blizzard beach,

    Thanks for sharing useful blog list…

  • Thanks so much for the mention – much appreciated!

  • Thanks for the mention! Unfortunately we are about to finish our travels (this time around!) but have heaps of things still to write up about and will carry on the blogging 🙂

  • @mastermindtb

    A great list thanks for sharing

  • Tim

    http://www.suitcasestories.com is a very nice Australian blog!

  • No worries!

  • The pleasure is all ours Danielle 🙂

  • So chuffed to be on such a great list!

    (I think it’s the first time Disarm Doors has made the cut anywhere)


  • Huge thanks for including us on this list! We’re finally, officially homeless and wandering nomadically around the country so we’re very excited about all the great content we’ll have coming up in the future! What an honour to be amongst such great bloggers 🙂

  • I’m blown away to be mentioned on this list. Thanks so much for the mention. You’ve made one Queensland girl (and career dropout) very very proud!

  • Awesome, I have a whole new list of travel blogs to read now. Good to see some people I know on the list like drop out diaries and World Travel Family. 🙂

  • What a lovely surprise! Thanks for featuring World Travel Family! We’re leaving Queensland in under 3 months, but we’ll be back eventually.

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  • Hi, I am an Aussie with a travel blog about Australia and Overseas. I follow many of the blogs on this list including Y Travel Blog 🙂 Keep up the inspiration.

  • Pretraveller

    Thanks for including Pretraveller in your Australian Blog list. It is great to receive positive recognition for the work I have been doing! I also already follow many of the other Australian travel bloggers on the list and you have given me more bloggers to appreciate!

  • Katherine | Kapcha The World

    Wow what a great list. Some I already know and love but some new ones too.

  • Great blog Emanuel. I’ve just spent an enjoyable hour browsing through the blogs in your piece.

  • voucherhotelcom

    This is a great list of travel bloggers. Still going through one by one, but enjoying it so far.

  • Red Nomad OZ

    Thank you so much for including my blog Amazing Australian Adventures (it’s under my online name ‘Red Nomad OZ’). I’m flattered – and honoured to be in such great company! I already follow many of the other bloggers – but I’m looking forward to finding some great new reads!

  • Karen Wheatley

    Hi, we have been travelling Australia for the last two years with our two children. Although we have recently finished our travels, for now, I wrote a blog which you might be interested in http://www.getaboutaustralia.com.au. We have a great following with some good tips and a few laughs along the way due to our hapless adventures. Great list so far!

  • Thanks for sharing the best blogs under a roof really helpful for travelers

  • Thanks for the inclusion – only just seen this. Many thanks Emanuel 🙂

  • Linda Fairbairn

    Great having such a a wonderful list of Ozzie travel bloggers compiled – Thanks Emanuel 🙂

  • Daman Malhi

    This is a great list of travel bloggers. Still going through one by one, but enjoying it.

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  • Hi Emanuel, thanks for including my Rocky Travel Blog in this list of Oz Travel Bloggers! I am honoured to be in great company and happy to see more and more joining the Australian Bloggers Group! I am looking forward to connecting with them. 🙂

  • Gee

    Hey guys,

    You missed out on Aussie Overlanders…newish blog as they drive from Sydney to London via Africa. They have a big following already and a highly engaged audience. http://www.aussieoverlanders.com.au



  • India Tours

    Thanks for sharing good and well post. seriously I like that blog

  • Stewart M

    Thanks for putting my blog on the list! Noticed a little spike in traffic!

    Stewart M – Melbourne

  • Emma

    Since I bet lots of us have kids and (sometimes) love travelling with them, it’s good to see some family oriented blogs on here!! I’d also recommend Little Nomads for great advice or Bound Round’s blog–they’re a travel app for kids with a ton of great stories to share 🙂

  • Nic Freeman

    Great collection of blogs – thanks for sharing your list. It’s nice to read about the wonders to experience here at home.

  • Joshua Smith

    Wow! Indeed life’s a beach 🙂

  • Oh and what about @2inavan http://www.twoinavanblogspot.com.au

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  • JAGAD.co.id

    very informative post i like it .

  • Chris

    wow, great blogs! There’s also another new blog telling about an australia trip, very interesting and fun to read: http://www.australiantraveltrip.com

  • Jerrica Peterson

    this is my blog completely. small town Wisconsin girl recently moved to Australia to live and work for the year. my blog is called, “Writing and Wanderlust”. Tales of an aspiring writer, seasoned traveler, and international nanny. http://www.writingandwanderlust.com

  • Great travel blog list. Thanks for sharing

  • Ian Roberts

    Great list. Can I also suggest: http://memorabledestinations.wordpress.com

  • I’ll give +1 to this one..really a nice and interesting post…

  • Offonalittleadventure

    Check out my fun travel blog about a Brit who has just finished her travels in SE Asia and has just arrived in Australia.

    Check it out…


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  • Aidric Brown

    Leaving one’s job in order to travel can be quite hard. But it is better to stick to what you love and have passion for. Ultimately you need to go with what gives you happiness.

  • Peymon | epicsydney.com

    That is a great list. I think I need to review them one by one.

  • Ally & Steve TGA

    Cheers for the list, very useful. It’s always great to read other travellers thoughts and suggestions on locations 🙂

  • Katie Wills

    Great rundown there! I am an absolute fan of Bitten by Travel Bug. Wish Legal Nomads had been featured in the list as well.

  • Jason

    Great list. Thanks


  • shanon

    I have started to read this blog http://www.husmarried.wordpress.com. It is about this couple from Singapore who are now based in Brisbane. It offers a different insight into living abroad and also their travels around the world. I thought it is quite a good read. Cheers

  • Nduaguba Amauche Francisca

    As an International student being in a foreign country is quite boring that you have to learn how to speak foreign language. I find this blog worthwhile because the tips given in order to have a joyful solo trip are all true. However, am that kind of person who love making friends from the other part of the world and I don’t have to think about anyone when making any decision .Travelling is my hobby as it is said “Travelling is part of education”. The more you travel, the more you learn. I urge you all to give it a try. Thanks you for the wonderful post.

  • Being a wildlife guy myself, I can’t but not, compliment you for the wisdom you share here. Kudos!


  • I never did say thanks for including me here. What a great list and I have enjoyed visiting some of the other blogs. Now I plan to visit the blogs in the comments section. Very diverse range of bloggers we have. Awesome.

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  • Guest

    http://www.LetsGoMum.com.au is a single parent travel blog that checks out family fun around Australia

  • Adam Ponting

    Here is another one I follow http://stuff2.do/

  • The Blonde Tourist

    Love this list! I already follow half of these guys and also write my own food and travel blog based in Sydney on the side of my own travel writing freelance business. Happy travels! BT x


  • Kathy Marris

    I would love to make this list. Please check out my over 50’s lifestyle and travel blog called 50 Shades of Age at http://www.50shadesofage.com. I have recently returned from six months travelling in a caravan around our magnificent country.

  • Letts
  • Prue Sinclair

    What about the Straight on Detour girls??

    It’s a an adventure travel blog written by two females who strive to see the world by independent exploration. Not only do they delve into the good times but also tackle the laughable and downright ugly issues that faces anyone who spends their life on the road.

    What do you think??

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  • Our Oyster my one of the best blogging site which i do follow and take read each blog. But we can follow gov. sites which does mean right in every session of years.

  • I’ve just opened 41 new tabs, so if my PC crashes, I’m going to blame you! Just kidding; thanks a lot for the links. I also run a blog – you can check it out at http://www.4wdingaustralia.com

    • Haha sorry about that, Aaron. Thanks for letting us know about your blog.

      • Not at all; had a great time reading through the list. Thanks again for it!

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  • Joanna Becker

    Thank you!! Would be great if you would add our travel blog around Australia, which started in Queensland… “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to trade in your home and
    job for a life on the road with your children? This is our spontaneous

    You, Me and Spontaneity, blog can be found at http://timandjoannas.blogspot.com.au/ and the facebook link is: https://www.facebook.com/youmeandspontaneity).

  • Our pleasure, Paula!

  • Nice one, Kate!

  • Annette Jones

    Great list could spend days reading and dreaming! My travel blog is just a few months old 🙂 I’m over at http://worldtraveltribe.com or daily at http://facebook.com/annettejonesbiz

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  • Sarah
  • Ah, there are just so many awesome bloggers out there. We love Oracle Fox, too! Thanks for adding your tips… and stay tuned for another mega list coming soon.

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  • amber

    Here’s another new one…. http://www.roamthegnome.com a blog for fun quirky travel adventures with kids!

  • Dave Blackburn

    Thanks for the list of blogs – I live on the Cooloola Coast and I enjoy discovering the beautiful scenery around Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island http://www.facebook.com/InskipPointCamping – Thanks again for your list of blogs.

  • Warner Surner

    this site provide more info

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  • There are so many reasons why I love the beach that just thinking about them makes me want to grab my beach bag right now!

  • Cameron Baldwin

    Hi… This is really an amazing post. I was aware of a few blogs but here it is a complete list. Do you have a list for holiday homes or vacation rental blogs in Australia?

  • Australia is known for many things — extraordinary landscapes, laid-back cities, beautiful beaches. Bondi Beach is one of the best.

  • Scout

    http://www.saltysummits.com showcasing how amazing QLD is from their VW camper van!

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  • Christian vollmert

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    Thanks again for all the infos your share guys 😀

    Christian “Volle” Vollmert

  • It’s hard to pin travellers down to a single location, but we’ve done our best to track down the best bloggers to follow for up-to-date travel information, tips and inspiration from Australia.

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    really interesting blog.. Thanks for the info!