Best Job in the World: 10 of our favourite application videos

Europeans will do anything to escape winter.

So naturally, when a little island on the Great Barrier Reef opens up a position for a caretaker to feed the fish, clean the pool and collect the mail, a beacon of hope lights up on the horizon in the northern hemisphere.

Add to this a paycheck of A$150,000 for six months and a private villa and you’ve got the world’s attention. Or 34,684 people from more than 200 countries to be more precise. And that’s not including the some 423,000 who voted vicariously for their favourites through the selection process.

We trawled the archives to bring you some of our favourite applications.

1. Musical Mitch, Canada

It’s unclear whether Mitch got his Best Job application mixed up with his broadway application, but this is one of the more creative videos we saw during the campaign.

2. Seth the jock, United States

The self proclaimed Top Left-Handed Blogger of the Year unfortunately didn’t make it into the final cut, but still deserves kudos for pulling out all the stops in this hilarious video.

3. Anjaan the swimming VJ, India (finalist)

Anjaan claimed he’s been swimming his whole life in preparation for the Best Job in the World. Clever presentation mixed with lots of humour and a solid case saw him paddling his way into the final selection.

4. Haruka the linguist, Japan

Being able to fire off Great Barrier Reef facts with great precision in Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, Japanese and English is no small feat. We suspect her skills would be in high demand in the United Nations.

5. Yi Yao, China (finalist)

Yi Yao made a compelling argument to showcase the islands of the Great Barrier Reef to 1.3 billion people and champion environmental conservation against the backdrop of the funky signature score from Austin Powers.

6. Scuba Greg, Singapore (finalist)

Singapore-based teacher Grey Reynen donned his wetsuit, mask and fins and unleashed his Great Barrier Reef knowledge onto unexpecting local commuters.

7. Greg FM, Canada

There’s nothing like the 6pm news to tell the story of Canadian winter misery. Or as Greg puts it: “you have to be a stubby short of a six-pack to enjoy this kind of weather”.

8. Finding Mie, Japan (finalist)

Japan’s Mieko Kobayashi used street voxpops, hand-drawn graphs and a promise to not make sushi out of the fish to sway her way into the final 16.

9. Maxime the bathtub caretaker, France

Interesting jobs attract… well, interesting people. Frenchman Maxime showed off his creativity with body paint, beach wear and dubious musical talent. And he cracked us up.

10. Ben Southall (winner)

An impressive mix of skills, experience and personality got former African adventurer and marathon runner Ben Southall into the final 16 and eventually, the keys to the island.

Which ones were your favourites? Share with us in the comments!