Escape the city: 24 hours in Stanthorpe

When the Queensland summer heat becomes too much, my favourite way of escaping the humidity is to head to the hills on a weekend road trip to discover somewhere new – to relax, soak up the atmosphere, sample some culinary delights and explore.

Tucked up in Granite Belt wine country is Stanthorpe, a town affectionately known as the ‘coldest town in Queensland’ during winter. However, during the warm summer months the area is blossoming with life: fruit and vegetables fill the fields, the vineyards hang full of grapes and the town has a lively buzz.

Here’s my guide to enjoying the best of the area:

Day 1

Leave Brisbane early on a Saturday morning and drive the 250 kilometres inland to start your 24-hour adventure.

1pm: Lunch at the Big Apple

The Big Apple in Stanthorpe

Twenty kilometres short of Stanthorpe on the New England Highway is a wonderful delicatessen, café and wine store called Vincenzo’s, owned and run by a fantastically, quirky Italian man. His shop stocks everything from olives to salami and macadamias to merlot. My personal favourite – his homemade tomato relish with chilli.

3pm: Discover a winery tour

As the heat of the day starts to subside, it’s time to wander through the vineyards of a local winery. With over 50 vineyards scattered around the hillsides, taking part in a tour is a must-do – the difficult thing is deciding which one to join!

We stopped off at Felsburg Winery, a magnificent red cedar and granite building that’s perched on the top of the hill just south of Stanthorpe, wandered through the vineyards, sampled their Merlot and Shiraz (my favourite) and admired the view.

Day 2

9am: Trek through a national park

Girraween National Park near Stanthorpe

An early start is key to an enjoyable walk in Granite Country, so you can avoid the midday heat. Head to Girraween National Park, situated 25 kilometres south of Stanthorpe, to explore the dramatic landscapes and granite outcrops that protrude from the hillside like enormous globules or huge freestanding marbles, with river courses tumble around them leaving beautifully carved, deep plunge pools to refresh you in the heat of the day.

The well-kept trails range from one to 20 kilometres, visiting landmarks such as The Pyramid, The Sphinx and Castle Rock.

12pm: Replace that lost energy

Ice Cream Burger

Once you’ve worked up an appetite on the trails, head to The Bramble Patch to feast on homemade ice-cream! At the end of a picturesque road just south of Stanthorpe, you’ll find a culinary oasis specialising in homemade condiments, sauces and vinegars.

My recommendation? Walk straight through the shop into the café and order the Ice Cream Burger – two scoops of your favourite flavour sandwiched between two slices of chocolate cake. Maybe the 20-kilometre walk would have been better…

2pm: Visit the museum

Head back into Stanthorpe for a quaint trip back in time to the early 1920’s, when the town was in its infancy as a mining centre.

Wander through the period buildings of the Stanthorpe Heritage Museum, learn about the local gaol and roll-up tree (an early version of Facebook where people could leave messages for each other), and walk out armed with enough knowledge to annoy the hell out of your mates with seemingly useless facts. My favourite? How the town got its name – Stannum from tin, and thorpe from the English word ‘village’.

3pm: Stock-up on goodness

Fruit in Stanthorpe

Before you drive back to Brisbane, fill up at one of the many fruit and vegetable stores in the town. There’s nothing better than buying produce fresh from the farmer, by the box-load. Fill up on more apples, cherries, grapes, peaches and pears than you’ll ever need. My fridge is now full of every juice under the sun!

Have you been to Stanthorpe? Anything I’ve missed out on?