A ride-hater’s guide to Dreamworld [Video]

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Facing your fears. It’s a rite of passage that (apparently) makes you a better person. All the successful people I admire are constantly throwing themselves into the deep end.

It makes sense, but that still doesn’t mean I have to be happy about what I’m about to do.

I’m terrified of rides.

I can handle motion simulators, train rides, and basically anything connected to the ground. But crazy high speed, twisty-turvy, hanging upside down in the air is a no-go zone for me. Why would anyone want to be put into a heart-racing, scream-inducing situation where escape is fruitless?

Just thinking about it makes my feet suction cap themselves to the floor and my heart pump for its life.

It’s not like I haven’t dipped my toe into my fear at all. My best friend peer-pressured me onto the Road Runner Rollercoaster at Movie World a few years ago, and while she giggled at me the whole way ‘round, I screamed my lungs out. Yep me, a 20-something screaming on a Looney Tunes kids’ ride while 10-year-olds were having the time of their lives and begging their parents to go again. Not my best moment.

And not the greatest preparation for what’s about to come next – taking on the Big 8* Thrill Rides at Dreamworld. I stole Nike’s slogan to get myself through the day: Just do it!

Here we go…

*The Giant Drop is still a no-go zone.