Summer cocktail recipe: Missionary’s Downfall

Summer’s here and there’s no better reason to indulge in a head-spinning mixture of liquor, fruit and ice aka a tiki cocktail. Become a mixologist at home with this fresh recipe from one of Brisbane’s hottest bars, White Lightning Tiki Bar at Alfred & Constance.

This is a classic tiki cocktail as interpreted by Alfred & Constance’s bar director Blake Coote who studied tiki under New York cocktail guru Richard Bocatto of PKNY and Dutch Kills fame. Refreshing and icy cold, it is the perfect tipple for Brisbane’s humid subtropical summers.


A handful of mint
0.5 oz lime juice
1 oz white rum
1 oz peach liqueur
2 oz pineapple juice


Blend all ingredients with ice and garnish with mint.


What’s your fave summer cocktail? Share with us in the comments (and don’t leave out any secret ingredients!).