Secret break: Surfing the Great Barrier Reef [Video]

You make your annual pilgrimage to Padang Padang, everyone has seen your 35mm slides from Desert Point before it got crowded and you dream of kicking the bucket face-to-lip at Cyclops, Keanu Reeves style.

In other words, you’re a bit of a saltwater Buddha and you have the Bintang singlet range and reef scars to prove it.

Like many of us, you know waves stop breaking north of 1770 and the Great Barrier Reef ain’t no place for rolling barrels. We thought so too – until photosets like this showed up along with rumours of perfect waves on the outer edge of the reef.

Sitting in open ocean with exposure to all kinds of wind, timing is everything if you want to get a good set here, and the talk of the town is you’ll be sharing the water with big fish.

We don’t know where this is (in fact it seems to be a well-guarded secret) but we do know one thing: the search for the perfect wave is far from over.

Do you know where this is? Have you surfed it?