Hamilton Island: 14 Instagram photos of paradise

What happens when you let 15 Instagrammers loose on a paradise island for a weekend? Answer: the world goes green with envy (at least we did).

Last weekend, 15 mobile snappers descended on Hamilton Island (@hamiltonisland) for the first ever InstaMeet held on the Great Barrier Reef. Among the invited were Australian fashion model Annabella Barber, Vogue fashion editor Christina Centenera, The Voice contestant Sarah De Bono and the who’s who of local and global social media personalities.

Here are 14 of our favourite shots.

The picture says it all. Photo: @stylemeromy

Free like a bird. Photo: @paulyvella

A table for two. Photo: @laurenepbath_ih

@haydentin brought the big camera. 

A round of golf before lunch is just what the doctor ordered. Photo: @13juju

The trademark silica sand of Whitehaven Beach. Photo: @tilly_jak

A little mermaid enjoying Qualia’s pool. Photo: @stylemeromy

Everyone gets a hug. Photo: @paulyvella

Doing Whitsundays – Oprah style. Photo: @nicholasalexander

You don’t see sunsets like this everyday. Photo: @laurenepbath_ih

Said everyone. Photo: @laurenepbath_ih

The big bird is the preferred mode of transportation. Photo: @haydentin 

Guess where we are? Photo: @hayden_quinn

The verdict. Photo: @chrisvallejos

Want to see more? Check out the rest on #hamiltonislandinstameet on Instagram.