Father’s Day ideas for celebrity dads

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Spare a thought for the millions of Aussie dads who will wake up on the first Sunday in September to breakfast in bed and a doona full of unwanted gifts. When it comes to Father’s Day, nothing rewards the ‘World’s Best Dad’ more than spending quality time with him.

We’ve rounded up some of the world’s most famous dads and suggested the perfect experiences to prove it’s the memories – not the thought – that counts.

Hugh Jackman

Oscar and Ava Jackman know what the sexiest man alive wants. And that’s a half-day session at The Australian Stunt Academy on the Gold Coast. After a near miss swooping in to the set of Oprah’s swansong tour of Australia, Hugh Jackman could do with a day learning how to finesse commando-style obstacle courses, swordplay and flying on wires.

Karl Stefanovic

After his gaffe with the Dalai Lama last year, Karl’s brood could book a table at Mr Bones Pizzeria in the pretty seaside town of Airlie Beach. Following a day out on the reef, the owner assures us that at this restaurant at least, Karl can order “one with everything”.

Tony Abbott

His wife may have banned him from walking around in his ‘budgie smugglers’, but there’s one place where the opposition leader’s preferred Aussie cossie reigns supreme and that’s the Heron Island Great Barrier Reef Swim. This annual three-kilometre race, held in October, circumnavigates the island over stunning coral reefs.

Tiger Woods

There’s one way to keep Tiger’s roar in check and that’s XXXX Island in the Southern Great Barrier Reef – the ultimate bloke’s retreat. There’s beach cricket, endless fishing and rumour has it, even a beer butler – all without the whine, and the woo, of a woman.

Charlie Sheen

If Charlie’s new show Anger Management fails to win viewer ratings, we think his kids should spot their dad a week at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. Overlooking the stunning Surfers Paradise skyline, this substance-free health camp has specialty programs for men that offer tips and tricks on living life organically.

Tom Cruise

If the gossip mags are right, then what Suri Cruise wants, Suri gets. And now that she’s done Disney World, the next stop might be the Gold Coast. Tom and Suri could start by feeding the penguins at Sea World, then take a thrill ride at Movie World and finish up at Dreamworld cuddling the world’s only blue-eyed koala. Risky Business or Mission Possible?

John Gillard

It’s time for Julia to put her purse where her policy is and take her dad on a carbon conscious holiday. Hidden Valley Cabins in North Queensland’s Paluma Range was the first carbon-neutral holiday resort in Australia. It offers lessons in sustainability as well as the chance for John and Jules to do a bit of platypus spotting.

Dick Smith

Two decades since choppering solo around the world, we think Dick’s two daughters could buy dad a heli-tour over Central Queensland’s Carnarvon Gorge. Heli-Central will take him tracking along the white cliff faces and dramatic escarpments in the Carnarvon National Park.