Fear factor: Shark feeding on the Great Barrier Reef [Video]

Sharks: You either love them or you’re scared of them. When you speak to any diver on the Great Barrier Reef it’s the most common marine animal they want to see when diving.

Up in Tropical North Queensland a number of dive operators offer the chance to take part in a shark feed out at Osprey Reef, 140 kilometres outside the Great Barrier Reef itself.

People around the world often ask if this type of activity makes sharks associate food with humans resulting in increased attacks. Osprey Reef is so far from the mainland the sharks here are extremely unlikely to ever visit the coastline of Australia itself.

Want to know what it feels like to be amongst it? Check it out:

Witnessing a shark feed first hand has to be one of the most incredible things you can see underwater. The intensity of these sleek, beautiful creatures circling as you descend to the feeding site is scary, exhilarating and exciting all at the same time.

Sitting, watching the feed take place ups the sensory overload even more; you can feel the kinetic energy of around 50 sharks in the water all around you. As the food is released, the fight starts and everything wants a bite. It’s hard to know where to look as sharks, potato cod, trevally and even little damselfish dive into the action.

Within five minutes it’s all over. All that’s left behind, apart from a full memory card in your camera, is an empty metal bin and much less air in your tank.

There’s no better place to understand the power and beauty of sharks in a safe, controlled environment than with a shark feed at Osprey Reef. It really is a slice of pure adventure!

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Ben 🙂