Pub of the Week: The Nindigully Pub, Nindigully

The Nindigully Pub is famous for two things: it holds Queensland’s longest running liquor licence and (more importantly) it’s home to arguably Australia’s biggest burgers.

Not Ultimate Double Whopper big, I’m talking BIG. The Roadhog burger weighs in at around 14kg – the same size as an average two-year-old. It feeds up to 15 people and will set you back about 150 bucks. You’ll need to order this monster a few days in advance though, as the buns are ‘custom made’ by the nearby St George Bakery. And yes, those are raw sausages fashioned as fingers.

Despite being a tiny blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town of just five people, two houses and a general store, it’s clear that when it comes to burgers ‘The Gully’ doesn’t do things by halves.

If you’re game enough to make the 430-kilometre journey south-west of Brisbane, you can order the Roadhog’s little sister – the Road Train – straight off the menu, any night of the week. She weighs 5.5kg and is served with fries, onion rings and lashings of sauce. Don’t forget to bring some hungry friends – it feeds up to six people.

But if you’re looking for something a bit lighter than a mega-burger I can highly recommend the wedges with bacon and onion crispies, washed down with a pot (or two) of cold beer of course!

But enough about the food. The Nindigully Pub, established in 1864, was brewing its own beer and spirits long before any of us were knee-high to a grasshopper, and before XXXX and Bundy Rum even existed. It’s now run by the very hospitable publican Steve “Burnsie” Burns.

The first thing you notice when you walk through the door is the incredible amount of memorabilia that adorns the walls – it could rival any museum. Hundreds of Akubra hats worn by local farmers well past their use-by-date before they were donated, news clippings, historic photos, old posters for XXXX beer when it was still ‘Fourex’ and international souvenirs from travelling backpackers. If these walls could talk they’d have some interesting tales to tell!

The accommodation is basic but clean and comfortable and trust me after a big night at The Gully, you’ll be grateful just to have somewhere to rest your soon-to-be-aching head. In the morning you’ll be even more appreciative of the real espresso machine.

Did you know? The pub was made over as the Boomerang Café in the 1999 Hugh Jackman and Claudia Karvan film, Paperback Hero.