How to pack your suitcase like a professional travel blogger

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Packing. Arguably the least favourite but most important word in the holiday dictionary. How often have you forgotten your toothbrush? Your togs? (that’s swimwear for those who don’t speak Australian yet) Your passport?

The list goes on but the good news is that we have taken a look into the minds of the travelling pros. You know those lucky souls who actually get paid to travel to breathtaking places (like Queensland) and write about it.

With ten lucky Queensland Blog Correspondents descending on Queensland from all over the world this week, we have dug deep into their minds to answer the eternal question: “So… what do I pack?”.

Packing for Queensland by Simple as That 

Shoes by Travelettes 

10 Long Haul Must Haves by Scubadviser

What camera do I bring? by MCP Actions

DIY Pocket Travel Journal by Simple as That

Do you have any travel packing tips that you swear by? Share them with us!

  • Thanks for sharing,my problem in backpacking is that how can I minimize the luggage,I have read a lot of tips about backpacking ,one thing I remember is that bringing a copy of necessary documents would really be important.

  • Thanks for the FANTASTIC post! This information is really good and
    thanks a ton for sharing it 🙂