Every day’s a school day!!

Real-life dinosaurs, a murder mystery and the BIGGEST birthday cake ever!


After nearly four months of being closed to the public, the Queensland Museum and Sciencentre in Brisbane reopened its doors to the public and celebrated its 150th birthday today.

150th birthday celebrations at the Queenland Museum and Sciencentre

A throng of excited kids complete with eager mums and dads lined the concourse at the museum, all expectantly awaiting their chance to run inside and find out why this is one of the hottest educational tickets in town.

But they weren’t alone…patrolling the entrance were two life-sized dinosaurs complete with razor-sharp teeth, earth-shuddering growls and tails that would knock you off your feet! These are seriously the most realistic human-driven models I’ve seen providing much amusement to everyone there.

Realistic dinosaurs to welcome the crowds New Playasaurus area

The Queensland Arts Minister, Rachel Nolan cut the celebratory cake and opened the doors to the public, who rushed into the halls to see for themselves the huge improvements. The new space is vastly improved with escalators, staircases and lighting leaping the exhibition into the year 2012.

THE biggest birthday cake EVER!

I used to love going to the Science Museum in London when I was six years old… nothing has changed!

There’s something amazingly cool about walking into an exhibition hall and seeing a life-sized dinosaur skeleton in front of you, or sifting through the drawers of the Discovery Centre looking at butterfly collections, or even peddling as fast as possible to generate enough electricity to light ALL of the lights at the Playasaurus Place. I was back in a fantasy world!

The murder mystery hall - Menagerie Interactive touch screen technology to learn about Queensland's flora and fauna The new Discovery Centre

A year ago the museum was mopping up after the floods. Today they’re welcoming people back through the doors and it has to be one of the best ways to amuse, educate and entertain the kids (and of course grownups too).

Upstairs there’s a new area dedicated to the wild weather that hit Queensland in 2011. It’s a poignant reminder of the floods and the way Queenslanders pulled together to form the Mud Army – the teams who cleaned the city in their thousands and brought it back to life in a matter of days.

With not long left of the school holidays I encourage everyone to get down there and have a great day out!

Just watch out for those dinosaurs!!!

Ben 🙂

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