Newborn Humpback Whale!!!!

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Sometimes things just happen so perfectly.

We set out from Mission Beach this morning to sail to Cairns, we’ve got a big distance to do in the next couple of days so the kayak is onboard yacht Sunshine.

In the distance Paul the skipper spotted a basking Humpback Whale. Sometimes they just lie there enjoying the heat of the sunshine on their backs.

We assumed it was just one. But then I spotted a second dorsal fin, a tiny one. One so small in fact that it had to be from a very, very young calve!!

a newborn baby whale appeared... and how to blow air
Closeup of mums tail and barnacles How cute is this baby nose!?

At this stage we were about 300m from the whale and could easily pick it up with our Nikon zoom lenses (thanks guys!) Paul stopped the engines and so started our little incredible experience.

Sophee dunked the hydrophone over the side to record their sounds, I snapped away to take these photos and then we rolled the video camera to capture what was happening. Here is the footage and actual sounds we recorded at the scene:

The pair slowly moved towards us, not moving from their rather lazy position much but enough to end up around 30 metres from the boat.

All those sensory bumps are clear to see on the baby

It was clear that the mother was teaching her newly born fresh moves; how to float, how to fin slap and how to swim. Every so often she’d nudge the youngster and push it along…all of this within touching distance of us.

What a perfectly magic experience…..

Yours Expeditionally

Ben 🙂 🙂 🙂

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