Big winds…big wipeout!

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It had to happen…I love speed, I love pushing the limits.

So when the winds started to build and hit 25 knots there was no hiding to be done. The Hobie Adventure Island had to the tested and there was no better place than out on the open ocean.

Serious wind

I left Brampton Island at 9am and headed north towards Lindeman Island, our destination for the evening. The winds were gusty and directly behind me which meant gybing all the way. I really hadn’t been out in conditions like this before so was very much learning on the job!

The 24kms flew by in just under two hours. I was growing in confidence all the time and letting more and more sail out to build my speed up.

As I turned around the final headland under full sail a huge gust caught me, caught my totally off guard and launched the kayak into the ocean!!

I had finally capsized 🙂